3 Steps to Helping a Traumatised Child with Trauma Therapy in Singapore

If your child, sibling, or any other child in your care becomes traumatised, putting them on the path to coping and recovery is essential. If not, the trauma could damage their development as they grow older, and they could develop more mental issues. Here are three steps to begin helping a traumatised child, using trauma therapy in Singapore and more.

1. Observe and Let Them Process

Sometimes, children may not need psychological counselling in Singapore to heal. If the traumatic situation wasn’t severe, or if the child didn’t see or experience what happened, they can sometimes recover by themselves. Check on their behaviour regularly and see if there are any changes. At the same time, ensure that you give them enough space to let them process this on their own time. Balancing distance with observation may be challenging, but seeing where your child stands is crucial for the next step.

2. Get a Psychological Assessment

If your child’s mental health worsens rather than gets better weeks or months after the incident, it may be time to get professional help. Before you do, though, it’s imperative for the process if your child takes a psychological assessment in Singapore before booking an appointment for a therapy session. Ensure that the psychiatrist giving the test has a speciality in trauma cases so that they know and can perform the best course of action, no matter the result. This psychological assessment will be able to see if the child has gained a mental disorder from the trauma, such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety.

3. Look for a Trauma Therapist

Keep the results of your child’s psychological assessment, as the right psychiatrist can refer to it later during trauma therapy in Singapore. But first, you need to look for the best psychiatrist that can help your child begin recovery. Ensure that they also have a speciality in trauma, so they know what type of therapy method your child needs. If possible, check if they have a website or other social media with all their specialities, such as prolonged exposure therapy or cognitive processing therapy.

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Paul Petersen