3 Tips for Using Invisible Braces from Singapore for The Best Results

Gone are the days when you had brackets and wires on your teeth to get them fixed. Nowadays, you can have braces without anyone knowing you have braces at all. Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are clear tray aligners you can put on and off your teeth. But if you want to align your teeth and get a better smile as soon as possible, here are three tips to make the most out of your invisible braces from Singapore.

1. But first: mind the cost.

Before you get invisible braces, you should always consider the cost first. While invisible braces are more convenient than traditional braces, they’re also more expensive, so figuring out which type to get might depend entirely on the price. Invisalign has a cost range of S$4,500 – S$9,500, depending on whether you get them from a general dentist or an orthodontist. Keep this in mind before you get invisible aligners from Singapore.

2. Remember to keep them on.

The effectiveness of clear aligners from Singapore relies on the patient wearing them for 20-22 hours. The longer, the better. If you want your treatment process to be smooth and quick, only take off your aligners when you need to eat or drink and when you need to clean them.

3. Go to each appointment on time.

It’s common for those with braces to miss an adjustment period or two. Still, it’s one of the most impactful ways to delay your treatment, so it’s crucial to try and stay on top of it. Keep a calendar so you can book and go to each appointment on time. During these appointments, you’ll usually get new clear aligners from Singapore that are straighter than the last.

Invisible aligners from Singapore can help you smile your brightest, hassle-free. Visit My Braces Clinic for the best Invisalign plan that works for you.

Paul Watson