4 Major Emotions You Should Overcome during the Mummy Makeover Recovery

Giving birth to a child is an awesome moment in a woman’s life. However, while moms love their children, many moms feel unhappy with the way their body changes after pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth may leave a woman’s breasts sagging and with a reduced volume, weak abdominal muscles and fat accumulated on the body which never goes even with a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are solutions like mummy makeover or breast augmentation in Tamworth by PCLS Coffs Harbour for these problems.


However, it’s also important for the moms to understand what to expect after these procedures, including certain weird emotions.

1. Overcoming the Guilt

It’s a norm for mothers to neglect themselves, especially their looks. They are even directly or indirectly taught to be ashamed of prioritising their appearance.

Since cosmetic surgery is a major investment in one’s appearance considering mummy makeover cost in Tamworth according to PCLS Coffs Harbour, seeking mummy makeover can bring a feeling of guilt.

It’s also easy to think on where else the same money can be used in a better (?) way i.e. for the family.

If you’re going through the same or similar thought process, remember that giving a priority to becoming your best and feeling the best is actually extremely essential for giving your best to your family.

A mother who is confident and happy about herself can only raise children who are confident and happy.

2. Resting might be Challenging

A mummy makeover, particularly the one that includes a tummy tuck, needs a long downtime. This period prohibits the patient from running after toddlers or even picking babies up.

Bathing them up or dressing them is out of the question.

Most mothers have to struggle with the idea of doing nothing.

It can be stressful to ask for help and watch others doing your jobs. Hence many patients may jump back into the routine too early and harm their recovery.

So, you’ll have to control your feelings, become calm and give proper rest to your body, to give it a chance to heal and give you the best result of the surgery.

3. Numbness can Trick Your Brain

Numbness, tingling and itchiness are common side effects after surgery in the areas of surgical wounds. You might feel itching on your belly and try to scratch it but would find that the sensation is not relieved.

However, you should feel happy because itching and numbness are signs that the blood vessels and nerves in the area are healing. Also, fortunately, these symptoms reduce as healing progresses.


4. Moments of Regret

When finally results are seen after the surgery, most women feel very happy about their post-surgery looks. However, the recovery period can be difficult because it may bring /9moments of regrets.

You may even experience panic, particularly when you can’t see results initially that could exactly match what you had imagined.

While going through the various emotional ups and downs, you may repent for choosing to undergo the procedure that is limiting you so much, and you may even doubt about whether you’ve done right.

Understand that all these emotions are part of the healing process. So, just don’t take them seriously and look forward to having a great personality.*/

Paul Petersen