4 Reasons youcould be losing hair

4 Reasons youcould be losing hair

Hair loss can not only affect your physical appearance but also, shatter you emotionally. Many men often fear of losing hair at a certain age of life. Although, nothing lasts foreversome symptoms of hair loss may have been invited by us due to our negligence.Thankfully, there are medications like minoxidil 5 that can help you prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is a more common problem in men. Some face issues to an extent that they completely go bald. We are not trying to dishearten or scare you by saying this but,why take the stress when you have minoxidil 5. Understand the reasons at first why hair loss occurs in men.

4 Reasons you could be losing hair:

Hereditary: Hair loss could be a family tradition and the same pattern could occur in your body too. It is advisable that if seek a dermatologist and ask if you can begin using minoxidil 5.Do not overstressyourself or you will worsen it.

Medical conditions: Medical history could also lead to hair loss in men. Strong medical treatments to cure other illnesses in the body may irritate the scalp and hair growth resulting in hair loss gradually.

Supplements and Fasting: Excessive weight loss or fasting may lead to hair loss and result in poor health too. The supplements taken by you may have affected your hair growth leading to hair loss. The process is slow but when it begins, it will continue until baldness is visible.

Stress: We cannot deny that majority of the issues related to our health are due to the stress we welcome in our life. Emotional trauma or shock of life may lead to various health issues and result in baldness or hair loss.

Ask your doctor if you can start using minoxidil 5as it is a painless and easy way to prevent baldness.

Emily Mauch