4 Signs That You Need A Confinement Nanny In Singapore

If you are a first-time mum who doesn’t know what to do with a newborn or a mother already with the second or third born, you definitely need a confinement nanny in Singapore.

Confinement nannies are caregivers that are high-knowledgeable in newborn and maternity care. Unlike babysitters and domestic helpers, a confinement lady in Singapore is focused on helping mothers regain their strength through nourishment and support infant care.

Here are the signs that you need confinement nanny services in Singapore:

1. You have no one to help you.

It is already a part of the rich Asian culture for the grandparents to help their sons and daughters in the first days of being a parent. The grandparents will show how to take care of the infant, what to do when the baby is sick, and prepare a healthy meal for the mother.

If you don’t have a parent or relative who will guide and help you through this journey, you can call confinement services in Singapore for assistance.

2. You have a family to take care of.

It is manageable to care for your infant if they are the only one who needs your time. But for parents with multiple children to take care of, getting a confinement lady recommendation from a friend or relative is a great decision.

3. You had a complicated child delivery.

A portion of maternal deaths worldwide happened during birthing. It is a blessing and extreme luck if a mother and her infant survive complicated and potentially life-threatening child delivery.

The mother’s recovery may not be as easy as usual. The mother can hire a confinement lady in Singapore so they can focus on healing.

4. You have no appetite.

Healthy meals are a crucial part of healing. Mothers often don’t feel like cooking or eating healthy. Instead of calling nanny services in Singapore, look for a confinement lady knowledgeable in cooking a healthy and hearty meal to nourish the mother.

Are you experiencing one of these items? Get confinement nanny services in Singapore!

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John Ewers