5 Facts About The Vasectomy

5 Facts About The Vasectomy

If you are interested in the vasectomy procedure, you should start by scheduling a consultation with your doctor. This procedure is a great method for permanent birth control in men, and it is considered to be a safe and fast procedure.

You should talk to you doctor if you have any concerns about the procedure and what to expect. Check out the no scalpel vasectomy in Sydney performed by Vasectomy Australia which is another method to perform the vasectomy procedure, and make sure to find a good clinic and a reputable doctor.


Talk to your doctor about the procedure

  1. Your sex drive

Many men believe that having the vasectomy will somehow affect their sex drive, which is not true at all. The vasectomy procedure will do nothing more than make your semen sterile and thus being the perfect permanent birth control option.

However, your sex drive, libido, performance, production of semen and feeling will stay the same. This will not be affected by the vasectomy procedure, so keep that in mind if this was the reason why you did not want to go through with the vasectomy.

  1. Does the vasectomy hurt?

It is normal to think that this procedure will hurt, since it is in a sensitive area. However, it is a very simple procedure that does not hurt that much. Sure, you will feel some discomfort and maybe mild pain right after the procedure, but that will go away quite fast.

  1. How about the recovery?

Actually, the recovery for the vasectomy procedure is not as long as many believe. In most cases, patients reported to have healed quickly and been able to resume with their daily activities. Some patients recover in 3 – 4 days, others might need a week without any strenuous activities, but overall it is quite quick and you might experience some mild discomfort.

  1. Why not tubal ligations?

When searching for permanent birth control methods, you must have come across tubal ligations as well, which is for women. Well, this procedure is a lot more complicated, takes longer, and the recovering process is almost 3 times as long, which is why it is often recommended for a man to have the vasectomy procedure instead.

  1. Vasectomies fail

Keep in mind that while all procedures could fail, the vasectomy procedure is known to have almost the perfect success rate. If you are interested in the procedure, you can check out the expert vasectomy in Western Sydney or you can keep searching for local clinics instead.


Learn more about the vasectomy procedure and how it is done

Final word

There are many things that people do not know about the vasectomy procedure, and you should learn more about the procedure before you decide to go through with it. Make sure to know more and talk to your doctor if you have any doubts! This is a rather safe and simple procedure, and there is not much to worry about.

Ruth Chacon