6 Reasons to Visit Dermatologists in Singapore & Abroad

6 Reasons to Visit Dermatologists in Singapore & Abroad

Skin illnesses are among the most frequent human health problems, affecting around 900 million individuals worldwide at any given moment. Hence, it is best to see a dermatologist if you have a skin problem that is not responding to at-home remedies. Here are six common skin problems dermatologists in Singapore and abroad can address.

#1 Facial & Body Acne

Many still get acne in their 30s, 40s, and 50s due to changing hormones, stress, genes, and pore-clogging hair and skin care products. Dermatologists in Singapore may offer in-office procedures, such as chemical peels, laser treatment, and medication to help clear up acne.

#2 Eczema Treatment

More than 30 million individuals suffer from eczema, a medical condition characterised by dry, inflamed, and itchy skin. A dermatologist can assist in identifying triggers, making lifestyle modifications, and recommending appropriate eczema treatment to patients in Singapore.

#3 Premature Ageing Signs

It is natural for wrinkles and dark spots to manifest as your skin ages. However, sun exposure and smoking might hasten their appearance. Many skin physicians provide treatments to help alleviate signs of ageing, including injectable fillers, chemical peels, laser treatment for pigmentation and microdermabrasion.

#4 Dry Skin Relief

As you age, the oil production of your skin declines. It can result in dry, lifeless skin that manifests as rough, scaly spots that feel tight and uncomfortable. Dermatologists in Singapore prescribe using a moisturiser with ceramides, glycerol, and urea. They may also suggest making lifestyle adjustments to relieve dryness.

#5 Diagnose Skin Cancer

Moles are harmless. However, some can develop into skin cancer. Immediately seek a health professional for an evaluation if you notice your mole exhibits changes in colour, shape, or size. A dermatologist can biopsy the mole and recommend a treatment plan based on the results. Regularly visit a dermatology clinic to get skin cancer screening in Singapore.

#6 Address Scarring

Scars grow when the body creates an abnormal amount of tissue to heal the damage that extends beyond the top layer of your skin. Acne, keloids, or an accident can cause the formation of scars. Although scars may not always require treatment, some individuals may be self-conscious about them. Dermatologists in Singapore and abroad can provide various scar-fading treatments.

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Paul Petersen