Regular health checkups and proper dental care promote good oral health. Flossing and brushing regularly isn’t enough. We are sharing 7 practices with you that can help to prevent tooth decay, gum diseases and other dental health problems. Apart from following the given practices, do remember to book your regular appointment with the Dentist in Caledon

  1. Get yourself an electric toothbrush:

Even though manual toothbrushes do clean your teeth, but on the other hand electric toothbrush gives a deep cleaning to prevent oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Electric brushes are easy to use. Press lightly while brushing the teeth, avoid putting too much pressure on the electric toothbrush. After using it clean the heads of the brush under running water or rinse it with a mouth wash to avoid a buildup of bacteria. Once the bristles are out of shape or have been discoloured, replace the brush heads.

  1. Floss:
    Flossing is a crucial part of the dental regime as it removes any extra debris which the brush can’t reach. With a proper technique, flossing can help to maintain good oral health. Your dentist can suggest some good flossing techniques. 
  2. Choose your food and beverages wisely:
    Your food choices have a huge impact on your oral health. Foods and drinks which are sugary, acidic and even sticky are harmful to your teeth and can cause tooth decay, gum diseases and other dental problems. Swap them for green leafy vegetables, fruits and veggies which are high in fibre, nuts and unsweetened coffee and tea. 
  3. Rinse Thoroughly:
    Rinse your mouth with fresh water after every meal, especially after consuming anything which has high acidity as brushing right after could weaken the teeth. Alcohol free mouthwashes freshen your breath and are less harsh than the ones containing alcohol. 
  4. Make Healthy Choices:
    Overall physical wellness and health have a key role to play in dental health and vice versa. Untreated gum diseases can be linked to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Visiting your dentist regularly can help to keep these diseases at bay and also help to identify early stages of oral cancers. 
  5. Be Proactive towards treatment:
    Having a proactive approach helps to prevent oral health issues like tooth decay, gum diseases and keeps you healthier. Don’t wait till the situation goes out of hand to get it treated, especially when it comes to aches, pains and uncomfortable symptoms. 
  6. Pay attention to your body:
    Always take the warning signs your body gives seriously. If you have been suffering from either headaches when you wake up, poor sleep, red, bleeding, swollen or irritated gums, pain when biting or chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold food or just chronic bad breath, then it is time to visit your dentist.

Paul Petersen