All About Oral Health and Overall Health

All About Oral Health and Overall Health

Do you know that your overall health conditioned is often known by your oral health or  by the dentist? Indeed, dental hygiene and good oral health not only prevent numerous gum and mouth diseases as well as bad breath and tooth decay but also help you in overall health improvement. Eventually, teeth are an important part of your body and help in a numerous way for a healthy living. Taking care of your teeth is essentially important so that your teeth last long and serve you better. You must protect your teeth from decaying as well as try your best to maintain your teeth as you get older. Regularly visit the dentists especially Oracare dental implants to maintain good oral health and dental care.

The contemporary medical science is day by day exploring the new beneficial contribution of teeth to overall health and new reasons and necessities of flossing and brushing. You will be surprised to know that an unhealthy mouth particularly gum diseases can increase the chances of diabetes, heart problems and preterm labour.

Many of us often get confused saying what do our teeth and gum have to do with our overall health? In fact, teeth do plenty. A mere look inside your mouth or a swab of saliva can tell many things about your overall health to your dentist and ultimately your dentist can tell you what is going on in your body. In a simpler understanding, your mouth is the window to your overall physical health and it acts as the early symptoms of what will happen to your body shortly. For example, AIDS or diabetes can be first detected by the symptoms in the mouth as mouth lesions or they are apparent with some other oral complications. As per the Academy of Oral Dentistry, 90% of all diseases in the body is detected by the oral signs and symptoms much earlier than they occur.

You should be well aware of the saliva testing for various purposes. The cortisol levels in saliva are tested to know the stress among new-born. Saliva is also tested to determine certain cancer. Doctors test saliva to determine drug addictions among drug-addicted patients. Besides this, antibodies and hormones indicating HIV infections and hepatitis, measuring environmental toxins etc. are commonly tested through saliva. The saliva testing kits to detect HIV/AIDS is already available in the market and who knows we may get the blood and another necessary testing through saliva. 

Above all, everybody knows that mouth and teeth make your face beautiful and provides you with a good impression. Eventually, a foul-smelling mouth and decaying or filthy looking teeth is always a disgrace as well as shame for your personality.  

Ruth Chacon