All You Need To Know About Ivermectin

All You Need To Know About Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a very popular drug and it is commonly used for treating certain types of roundworm infection (parasitic). Parasitic infection can seriously affect the life of an individual badly. For people with weak immune systems, getting rid of parasitic infection is very important. Otherwise, it may lead to death. Ivermectin comes under anthelmintics. This drug works amazingly by killing dangerous parasites. 

FDA has approved this antiparasitic drug for the treatment of various tropical diseases and this includes scabies, onchocerciasis, and helminthiases. FDA has not approved this drug to treat viral infections. If you look at the studies about the usage of this drug for the treatment of covid-19, the results are not clear. According to WHO, this drug can be used only for clinical trials. 

The covid-19 patients’ treatment must follow the guidelines of WHO, irrespective of the severity of their condition. According to the clinical trials conducted on this drug, it is not more beneficial to treat Covid-19 patients. Ivermectin is a drug that must be used only when suggested by your doctor. 

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Can pregnant or lactating women use Ivermectin?

Experts recommend not to use the drugs like ivermectin during pregnancy to avoid any side effects. When it comes to breastfeeding women, they must consult their doctor before using this kind of medication because the medications they take can be present in the breast milk. If the baby drinks breast milk containing this drug, it may lead to certain side effects. To avoid all of this, it is better to stay away from using any unnecessary medications. Use any medications only when recommended by your doctor. 

Before you use the medications like this, it is very essential to discuss with your doctor the other medications, if you are using any. As this medication may show interactions with certain medications, you need to be careful. It is also important to avoid using this drug when you are drunk. The risk for side effects would be really high if you take this medication when you are drunk. 


Everybody’s body is different. Your doctor will recommend the dosage for you looking at your age, health condition, and various other aspects. Taking high dose without discussing with your doctor can put your health at risk. If you have used a high dose unknowingly, contact a medical professional immediately. 

What is the best time to take ivermectin?

This medication works well when you take it on an empty stomach. After taking this medication, do not have food for at least one hour for better results. If you have already had your food, then wait for 2 to 3 hours. Drink more water when using this kind of medication to see good results. Drinking more water keeps your body hydrated too. 


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