Are pharmacies individually owned or government owned?

Are pharmacies individually owned or government owned?

The Difference Between Government and Independent Pharmacies

Some people might think that all pharmacies are the same; however, there is a contract between independent and publicly listed or government-owned companies. Independent drugstores are owner-operated business, in which they have the ability to customize their services to fit the requirements of their customers. But, when it comes to chain store operations, since they are corporate, shareholders and the increase of their bottom line are the top priorities.

What Does an Independent Pharmacy Have to Offer?

Privately owned retail drugstores commit to setting the bar high when it comes to dealing with their clients. They try to surpass public companies with an array of services that are convenient for their patrons.

This could include —

*Free Delivery: One of the benefits of a neighborhood pharmacy is that you do not have to worry about leaving your home to get your prescriptions because they will bring your order to you in a timely manner.

* Accompanying Items – Whether you need medical testing supplies or specialized equipment to assist you in being mobile, your local drugstore will have products available that is crucial to supplement all your health issues.

* Vaccine Programs – Instead of waiting at the doctor’s office or hospital to get your shot, you can make a quick trip to your independent pharmacy to get vaccinated.

This list shows you just a small sampling of what your local druggist can do for you and your loved ones on a personal level.

People Approved

According to, a survey response from 78,000 CR customers indicated a high rating for independent pharmacies. The people liked the personal touch, helpfulness, the attention to details as well as the general knowledge and expertise of their local pharmacy owner and staff.

Ruth Chacon