Beat Facial Aging with HIFU Treatment

Beat Facial Aging with HIFU Treatment

A noninvasive method of treating facial aging is known as HIFU. It is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound facial. This method is a component of a developing market for non-invasive anti-aging therapies that offer some of the advantages of a facelift.

In a HIFU facial, ultrasound is used to deliver heat to the skin in a deep yet gentle manner. The body tries to heal the damaged skin cells as a result of the heat damage. The body makes collagen to help with cell renewal in order to do this. The skin has a protein called collagen that provides it flexibility and structure.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery states that nonsurgical ultrasound procedures like HIFU can:

  • It is effective in tightening the skin on the neck area.
  • It can greatly decrease the prominence of jowls
  • It can raise sagging eyelids or brows, thus, making you look younger and fresher.
  • It smoothens out facial wrinkles.
  • It tightens and reshapes the skin on the chest area.

Some people thought that it functions the same way as the usual ultrasound, but it is an entirely different procedure. This method uses a different kind of ultrasound. High energy waves are used in HIFU to target particular body parts. How long the HIFU facial session will greatly depend on the area and the outcome you want to achieve.

What are the possible side effects of HIFU facial?

Although there are a lot of good things about HIFU facials, it cannot be denied that there are a few negative effects. These are the following:

  • Some persons may experience some sort of discomfort and pain after the procedure, which is pretty normal.
  • There is a noticeable swelling and numbness.
  • There is obvious bruising and redness, which sometimes appear to be a violet rash.

How much is the cost of a HIFU facial?

The cost of the HIFU facial procedure varies from one clinic to another, but it typically ranges between $1,500 to $2,000. The HIFU price (hifu ราคา, term in Thai) is dependent on various factors such as the location, outcome you want to achieve, and the number of sessions.


A HIFU facial, also known as a high intensity focused ultrasound facial, can be a perfect facial procedure for people who want to instantly reduce visible signs of skin aging on the face. A single session can make a huge impact on the overall face, especially in reducing aging symptoms on the face. It is a non-surgical method requiring shorter recovery time when compared to other facial procedures such as surgical facelifts.

Nevertheless, studies show that the technique helps tighten sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, and enhance skin texture.The advantages of an HIFU facial might persist for around a year with proper aftercare. However, just like any other facial procedure, it would require constant followup to maintain desired results. It also requires religious skin care to achieve the desired outcome. White it is true that the procedure is a bit expensive, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

John Ewers