Common Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist Consultant

Common Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist Consultant

The pharmacist has an important role to play in keeping you safe and well-informed about your medications. It helps if you ask the most important questions.

Here are the most common questions you should ask your pharmacist consultant.

Ask Your Pharmacist Consulting:

What is the Name of My Medication? Medications are identified by two names: generic and brand. The generic name is the industry standard by which all manufacturers identify a medication.

The brand name is the name given by a specific manufacturer. For example, ibuprofen is the generic name of a common over-the-counter pain killer, but brand names include Motrin, Advil and Nuprin.

Why Am I Taking this Medication? You should know why the medication is prescribed so you have an idea of what to expect. This knowledge also helps you monitor your symptoms to know if it is effective.

How Should I Take this Medication? Medications may interact with food, alcohol or other medications. The timing of each dose may be important. Always clarify when you should take the medication and any restrictions. Ensure you know whether this medication is to be taken only for a short time or for life.

What Side Effects Does This Medication Have? Most side effects are not serious, but in a few cases, they can be life-threatening.  Ask about the most common side effects you can expect so you can watch for possible problems. Sometimes side effects can be managed, as when you take a medication with food to reduce nausea.

You should also ask about issues such as medication storage, how to dispose of unused medications and whether you can take things like vitamins or herbal supplements with your medications. Your pharmacist consulting has a great deal of expertise and is a wealth of information. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Ruth Chacon