CrossFit Los Angeles 101

CrossFit Los Angeles 101

In the last decade or so, CrossFit Los Angeles has come from what was simply a programme done on the garage to a phenomenon in training that has swept the fitness world. CrossFit Los Angeles gyms, which the practitioners call boxes, have now started sprouting up all over the Los Angeles. This is the reason why it so much easier now to find a place to work out if you are doing CrossFit Los Angeles

However, it should be noted that not everybody has been convinced that a CrossFit program is the right kind of regimen for them to train in. This is not so much of a news to the CrossFit Los Angeles trainers. The CrossFit boxes can be quite a scary place to be, especially for the newbies. However, if you are one of those kinds of people who are willing to give it a try, then the benefits of CrossFit Los Angeles will be sure to make you thank yourself for the decision that you made.

It is already a given that the CrossFit Los Angeles program can indeed make anyone a lot stronger, fitter and leaner. But why does one of the most successful programs have a lot of naysayers? In order to get to the bottom of this we have to look at the accusations first. One of these is that the CrossFit program are said to leave you open to possible injury which understandably scares some guys and girls off. And there is also the case of others that simply just gets confused between CrossFit regimen as a training method and the CrossFit a competitive sport. To distinguish them, the latter is more commonly known as the CrossFit Games which is quite intimidating to be fair.

If you are one of those persons that are not completely sure, or do not have an idea about what the CrossFit Los Angeles program is all about, then we have compiled this complete reference to the CrossFitness fitness regime. You should stick with the guide and you will be doing CrossFit exercises like a pro and thank yourself for the little bit of courage you have shown.

CrossFit Los Angeles 101: What is CrossFit

The CrossFit exercise is treated in two ways, as a kind of training and, controversially, a kind competitive sport. What is common between the two interpretations is that it will be incorporating many kinds of training that will include the mobility exercises, workouts at high intensities and will even delve into the kind of diet that you wish to do while performing the exercise.

Here are the principles of CrossFit Los Angeles that each practitioner and trainer has to adhere to.

  1. Eat vegetables and meat, seeds and nuts, some fruits with more fiber than carbohydrates, limit the starch and especially the sugar. You have to keep the levels of intake at minimal levels that should be enough to support you when you exercise but not to the point where you increase your body fat.
  2. You have to practice and train major lifts: press, squat, deadlift, clean, snatch, and clean and jerk
  3. Take time to master the essentials to gymnastics: rope climb, pull-ups, dips, presses to handstand, push-ups, flips, sit-ups, splits, holds and pirouettes.
  4. Swim, run, bike, hard and fast, row, etc. In at least five days per week find a mix of these elements in as many patterns and combinations. Be creative in the combinations in as comfortable as possible. When the regimen starts becoming a routine, this is when it becomes less effective. In short, keep the exercises as intense and short as possible.
  5. Try out other sports and mix it up with your regimen. This way you will be able to measure the effects on your body and you will also be able to give your body the kinds of variety it needs.

These are the basic principles which forms the essentials of CrossFit Los Angeles whether you are doing basic training at your local gym or at one of those the elite level boxes which espouses CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Los Angeles 101: CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Los Angeles Games is type of sporting event in which a few of the world’s best and amazing athletes would come together in order to fight for the being the Fittest Person on Earth and wear the crown.

These games are created in order to fill a gap in the sporting world. The CrossFit Los Angeles Games top dogs believe that there is no true fitness test that exist in the world. While there are indeed a lot of sports that require some gruelling amount of work out and exercise, not even the NBA, NFL, or even the ironman races care enough to actually measure the fitness levels of the competing athletes.

Instead of just doing one kind of event, the CrossFit Los Angeles Games will try to split the event into three main stages. These stages include the first stage which is the Open, and it is a five-week long event, and it involves five-workout competitions which will then be held on the winter. The CrossFit Los Angeles affiliates, boxes and garage gyms all over the world will be able to participate.

When the Open event has been concluded, the athletes that forms the finalists from the worldwide regions would then qualify for the next stage of the competition. This event is called the CrossFit Los Angeles Regionals. During which, the 18 region strong would compete against one another in one of the nine events. When this concludes, the winners will then be able to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Los Angeles 101: Losing Weight

In a word, CrossFit is an extremely effective way to lose weight. The calories you would burn in a usual crossfit regimen is more than what you usually get in a simple sport or the usual cardio exercise. The reason for this is because of the way that CrossFit trainings are sequenced which encourages one to give more than usual.

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