Everything to know about trigger points

Everything to know about trigger points

Trigger points are the main reason for myofascial pain syndrome. If you have been suffering from muscle pain, then it is time that you visit a physiotherapist. The trigger points are tight knots around the muscles which are eventually painful to you. Trigger points can eventually be painful causing weaknesses, spasm and more. The trigger points can eventually spread pain all over the body. Nonetheless, they may also show different symptoms regarding the pain. 

While you may want to see a physiotherapist, being informed about the trigger points will eventually be of great help. Some of the prominent things to know about the trigger points include the following

Trauma or injury can eventually cause pain in the trigger point

The cause for the development of trigger points is eventually not known. The doctors do not even know the cause for the trigger out. Often it is to be noted that acute injury or repetitive micro-trauma will eventually become problematic and lead to the formation of trigger points. 

Several factors eventually contribute to the development of trigger points. Some of the prominent reasons why trigger points will develop in the body include of poor posture, muscles and bone imbalance, sleep disorders, joint problems, lack of exercise, vitamin deficiency in the body and more. 

The touch and symptoms can eventually lead to detecting trigger points

Doctors can easily detect trigger points by touching. Also, the symptoms can make it easier for you to detect whether or not you can find the trigger points. The doctor can touch the muscle and feel the nodule and if it is hard, it will detect the trigger points. The doctor gets to know about the trigger points as soon as they press the spot. However, no imaging test is available in the market to detect the trigger points. Nonetheless, there are a lot of research topics that can make it easier for you to detect the trigger points. 

Relieves muscle pain

Treating trigger points through physiotherapists can be helpful for relieving pain and relaxing muscles. Often you can spray cold cream to relieve pain and eventually ease the muscle stretching. Applying pressure on the trigger point, can release it and softens the knots. Physiotherapy and acupuncture can be of great help for relaxing and softening the muscle knots. 

It is necessary to choose a reliable physiotherapist for better understanding. The Integral Performance Physio clinic is an effective physiotherapist clinic where there are trained professionals. 

Emily Mauch