Everything You Need To Know About Pharmaceutical Packaging

Everything You Need To Know About Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical packaging market has come a long way. Every year there are some of the other trends that help improve the packaging. In comparison to other products and industries, pharmaceutical companies need a more reliable packaging material. They make use of the highest quality pharmaceutical aluminum tubes to pack drugs and keep them protected.

Aluminum tubes are non-reactive packaging materials and that’s why they are considered to be completely safe. It protects the drug from getting damaged by coming in contact with outside elements. In this guide, we will learn a few more important things about pharmaceutical packaging.

What is the function of pharmaceutical packaging?

Just like any other products even drugs need to be packed. Here are the main functions of pharmaceutical packaging.


  • Containment


The first and most important function has to be the containment of medical products. The design of the packaging is made keeping in mind the needs of the product. The packages are made leak proof and strong. They are designed to prevent the drugs from coming in contact with any outside element that can hamper or manipulate its composition.


  • Information


Medical packaging comes with a lot of important information printed on it. They carry information that is useful both for the doctors and patients.


  • Protection


Protection is perhaps the most obvious functions of packaging. A good quality packaging helps in keeping the drugs protected from outside elements. In other words, it protects the drugs from UV light rays, oxygen, moisture, etc. all this can damage the product.


  • Identification


The packaging of medical products also helps you to identify the product. They come with their names printed on the packaging.

What are the different categories of pharmaceutical packaging materials?

There are three categories of pharmaceutical packaging materials used by companies. Here you go with the details.


  • Primary packaging


This is the packaging that holds the product. It’s the material that stays in direct contact with the drugs. This is why the primary packaging material has to be of the highest quality so that it doesn’t affect the quality of the medical products.


  • Secondary packaging


This is the packaging that is done outside the primary packaging. For example, shipping containers, cartons, trays, and boxes are all secondary packaging materials. They help you to group all the primary packages.


  • Tertiary packaging


The third and last packaging is used for shipping and bulk handling. Examples of tertiary packaging materials would be containers, barrels and edge protectors. They allow you to transport the products safely from one place to another.

Pharmaceutical packaging is of great importance. It helps keep the medical products in good condition and also protects them from getting damaged. If the packaging is not good, it will have a direct effect on the products. This can lead to several problems and also affect our health. This is why pharmaceutical companies pay so much attention to their packaging. They are continuously thinking of new technologies to improve the packaging system.



John Ewers