Facts and Information: 5 Things You Must Know About ReLEx Smile

Facts and Information: 5 Things You Must Know About ReLEx Smile

One of the worst symptoms you can experience is blurry vision. With healthy eyes throughout your life, you tend to overlook the benefits of having a 20/20 vision. You can enjoy the sight of beautiful scenery, look into the faces of your loved ones, watch movies, and do many things! But, once you experience a blurry vision, all of these will be compromised. It is the only time you will recognise the importance of a clear vision. And naturally, you will visit an eye specialist in Singapore to ask for treatments and an accurate diagnosis.

Luckily, living in this modern century, you can access advanced and tested medical treatment with little to no risk. Gone are the days when people had to go under the knife without anaesthesia. It’s not the 18th century, and humanity has achieved many breakthroughs in the medical field. One of them is the ReLEx smile in Singapore.ReLEx smile is a minimally invasive procedure that can improve your vision.

Facts and Information: What is ReLEx Smile?

There are now many advanced methods that can improve your vision. Although it can be expensive, it is worth the price because of the guaranteed results and safe procedures. A ReLEx smile is a good option for people with myopia and astigmatism. Myopia is a condition where you can see near things clearly, but items farther away can be blurry. On the other hand, astigmatism is a common problem that can make your eyes blurry and distorted. If you’re a good candidate for this procedure, here are some facts you need to know for better knowledge.

Who is Suitable for ReLEx Smile Procedure?

Of course, not everyone is suitable for the ReLEx smile procedure. You need to consider some criteria, such as your age, condition, and health status. The three requirements include:

  • At least 21 years of age or above.
  • Suffering from short-sightedness or astigmatism.
  • Refractive error.

Another consideration is your health status. You must be in good health to undergo surgery to prevent side effects. Better yet, ask your eye specialist in Singapore to know if you are a good candidate.

Who is Unsuitable for the Procedure?

Some people are also unsuitable for the procedure as they can be vulnerable to surgery. To know if you are unfit, you can visit an eye specialist clinic in Singapore to check your overall health. For better knowledge, here are the criteria that tell you not to undergo the ReLEx smile procedure:

  • Suppose you have eye problems like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (muscle imbalance), severe dry eyes, and eye surgery or injury. In that case, it means you are unsuitable because it can affect your healing progress.
  • Taking medications like steroids and Immuno-suppressants can also affect health progress. It is because the drugs can affect your immune system and slow the recovery time.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are also unsuitable for this treatment as it can affect the baby and your health. Better yet, ask your eye specialist if it’s safe to undergo theReLEx smile procedure.

There’s No Cutting of Corneal Flap

With ReLEx smile, there is no corneal flap cutting, unlike in LASIK surgery. You can preserve the cornea without undergoing incisions and stitches. So, if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of undergoing a knife, you can consider this procedure because it’s non-invasive. Most athletes prefer this procedure because there is no risk of flap displacement that can affect their sports performance.

It only Takes 30 Minutes

Yes, the procedure only takes 30 minutes of your time. Plus, the eye specialist will give you pain-relief medication and tranquiliser. Also, remember that there are no injections involved during the entire procedure. So, relax if you are scared of needles. Within thirty minutes, you will also lie awake while lying down. Remember that the doctor should make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

It Needs Some Adjustments Post-Surgery

Although aReLEx smile is easy and quick, you must also make some adjustments post-surgery. After the process, you might experience foggy vision. It is normal, and you must rest to regain your eye health. For more information, better continue reading the article on post-op care.


What to Do After Your ReLex Smile Procedure?

Indeed, you also need to make some adjustments to ensure that your eyes are recovering. After your session at an eye specialist clinic in Singapore, here is some post-op care you need to know for faster recovery.

1) Wear Sunglasses

For the first week, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Remember, your eyes are still sensitive because of the ReLEx smile procedure. So, don’t forget to protect your eyes as much as possible. Better yet, stay at home to lessen your sun exposure. Also, before going to an eye specialist clinic, you need to find perfect sunglasses to have something to wear when going home after your treatment.

2) Take a Rest From Reading

If you’re a bookworm, give your eyes a rest from reading for at least 24 hours after the ReLEx smile procedure. Reading might strain your eyes, and you need to rest them for a faster recovery. So, take down your books first, and try to do other things. If you’re a student, tell your teachers about your condition so they can permit you to skip class.

3) Avoid Using Gadgets

After the ReLEx smile procedure:

  • Avoid using gadgets in the meantime to rest your eyes.
  • Stay away from your phone or television and do other activities like brisk walking in a safe place or lying in bed.
  • Don’t worry about your productivity because resting is essential to your recovery process.

So, rest as much as you can and see your recovery progresses.

4) Regular Eye Doctor Visit

Yes, it’s also your responsibility to visit an eye specialist in Singapore to track your recovery progress. By visiting the doctor, you will know your current condition and learn about the proper treatment. The eye specialist can also detect if something complicated needs medical attention.

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