Find out common myths about lip injections or lip fillers

Find out common myths about lip injections or lip fillers

Lip injections Toronto provides you a consultation before treatment. But, some of the myths related to treatment are present in the minds of the people. Here are points to clear some doubts you might have before getting lip fillers;

Myth #1: You will become addicted to it and have to get filler forever once you get filler

You may love the results but your face cannot get addicted to it, leaving you as slaves to injections as feelings are just like Botox. Your body will dissolve the hyaluronic acid fillers as it is made to be temporary and gradually. After they are dissolved in your body, your face will return to the exact way it was before, no more, no less, once it is dissolved in your body.

Myth #2: It would be obvious if you get injected with filler you will look fake.

When fillers are overdone or misplaced you will look fake or plastic. Thus, it is important to always seek out for dermatologists or plastic surgeons who have years of experience injecting and may inject you according to your features.

Myth #3: it is very painful when getting filler

Lip fillers are not as bad as they look as if they are painful. Pretty much every type of hyaluronic acid injectable that’s currently approved for use, which takes effect as soon as the product is injected to make the entire process more comfortable contains lidocaine. Also, you’ll feel absolutely no pain at all as a dental block may be injected

Myth #4: There’s nothing you can do to fix it if your lips turn out bad

It depends. Some fillers such as poly-l-lactic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite take 1 year or two to break down so it depends. But fillers like Restylane Silk the results will look natural.  Doctors at lip injections Torontocan inject an eraser enzyme, hyaluronidase to immediately dissolve the filler if you don’t like the results as it contains hyaluronic acid.

Myth #5: Once you get it, you’ll have to continue forever or else my lips will deflate so it will stretch your lips out

The skin stimulates collagen production once the hyaluronic acid filler is injected. What’s leftover thickens your skin’s dermis, the outermost layer of the skin, even after your body’s natural enzyme dissolves it.

Myth #6: People who have thin lips can only have lip injections

Fillers can be used to adjust undefined Cupid’s bows, asymmetry, disproportionate top, and bottom lips turned down corners, and even dry or cracked lips, which can appear smoother and glossier with fillers is the most common use of fillers is just for adding volumes

Ruth Chacon