Finer Choices in Kids mattresses: Your Needs

Finer Choices in Kids mattresses: Your Needs

There is nothing to dispute, this type of mattress is all that is healthier for a child with breathing difficulties (allergy or asthma). In addition, natural latex scares mites away, so there is no chance for these critters to get stuck in the corners of the mattress. Use 100% natural latex to enjoy a mattress that is both firm and soft. Some products are removable and you can wash the cover (preferably cotton) without worry.

The advantages of spring mattresses for your child

The spring mattress is also available in several types, but it should be remembered that the more springs, the more support is important. Next to conical spring mattresses and multispire spring mattresses, there are what are called pocket spring mattresses. These take into account ventilation and sleeping independence by wrapping each spring in a bag, quite simply a revolution for this type of kids mattresses.

Baby bed

  • A quality mattress for children: their nights are better
  • What to remember about children’s mattresses
  • Whatever the mattress that comes, know that sooner or later, this accessory will age over the years. 

Suppose we turn around 40 times on the bed before seeing the rays of the day. We can then remember that the fibers like the mattress springs will wear out after about 10 years. Wear is equivalent to a 25% reduction in the quality of the mattress.

When purchasing, make sure that your child’s mattress is approved, that is to say that it has passed all fire simulation tests, before receiving the label.

  • Also bet on a model that is not too sensitive to temperature. A summer-winter mattress can meet this need. This is distinguished by the existence of 2 faces. 
  • A face for the summer which is designed to let air circulate through the walls of the mattress. 
  • A face for winter that offers warmth during sleep.

Prefer removable models for your child. They guarantee optimal hygiene, since you can remove the cover and machine wash it up to 40 °. No more allergic symptoms. At the same time, you no longer risk being invaded by mites.

The mistakes to avoid when choosing your child mattress

Although mattresses have their advantages, not all of them are suitable for a child. Here are the mistakes to avoid when choosing your child’s mattress.


No memory foam mattresses for children

For children, the memory foam mattress is not suitable. The reason lies in the very characteristic of this type of mattress. A growing child cannot see his body “mold” overnight in a mattress. In addition, it is more enveloping than other types of mattresses, therefore provides more heat. Already, children have a reputation for sweating more than adults at night, the problem may be complicated with the cheap memory foam mattress.


Paul Petersen