Getting the dosage right with kratom capsules

Getting the dosage right with kratom capsules

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia. The leaves are used as stimulants, mood enhancers, and analgesics. Over the past few years, kratom has gained popularity in the West as a natural energy booster and mood enhancer. So how do you determine the optimal dosage when taking kratom capsules?

Start low and go slow

When trying kratom capsules for the first time, it’s best to start with a very low dose, 1-2 grams. It is roughly equivalent to 1-2 capsules. Starting with a low dose allows you to see how your body reacts without taking too much. You gradually increase the dose over time as needed. Going slow avoids unwanted side effects and allows you to find your ideal dosage. Kratom strains come in three main color varieties – red, green, and white. The color of the vein and stem determines the effect and potency. Red strains tend to be more sedating and pain-relieving. Green strains provide a balance between stimulation and sedation. White strains are generally the most stimulating. Dosage varies depending on the particular strain color. Start low with any new strain color.

Consider your weight

Your weight influences optimal kratom dosage. Larger individuals require higher doses to feel kratom’s effects. As a general guideline, beginners should start with 1-2 grams for every 50 pounds of body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, start with 3-6 grams (3-6 capsules). Monitor effects and adjust dosage as needed. Kratom capsules typically contain 0.5 grams of powdered leaf per capsule. So a 5-gram powder dose would be equivalent to 10 capsules. The capsule material itself adds weight so capsules contain slightly less kratom than an equal weight of powder. Start with the powder guidelines as a basis but decrease the number of capsules slightly. Always take kratom capsules on an empty stomach to increase absorption and feel the full effects. Avoid eating for at least an hour beforehand. Kratom binds to food in the digestive tract, reducing how much enters your bloodstream. Taking capsules with food diminishes or delays effects significantly.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after taking kratom capsules. Staying well hydrated prevents constipation, a common side effect of kratom use. Hydration also helps your body absorb the kratom alkaloids more efficiently so you get the most benefit. Investing in a digital scale allows you to weigh kratom capsules accurately. It removes the guesswork and ensures you are taking the amount you intend. Scales provide precision, consistency, and control for finding your ideal dosage. They also allow you to track dosage over time. Maintaining a dosage log is useful when starting with kratom capsules. Note the date, strain, dose, effects, duration, etc. A log helps you determine optimal strains, dosages, and frequencies tailored to you. It’s also valuable for reference and adjusting dosage as tolerance increases.


Although a natural botanical, kratom interacts with medications and certain conditions. Pregnant women and those with medical issues should consult a doctor before trying kratom capsules. Your physician help determines if kratom is safe for your situation and health status.

Paul Watson