Homemade Teeth Whitening Remedies That Will Give You Quick Results

Homemade Teeth Whitening Remedies That Will Give You Quick Results

Teeth discoloration is a common problem for all ages. More often than not, it’s an aftermath of plaque buildup. This happens when you don’t clean your teeth regularly and properly. As a result, plaque on your teeth turns to yellow stains.

Sometimes, teeth discoloration happens as a result of using certain strong drinks like coffee or medications like antibiotics. The issue is also common with habitual tobacco users.

Though there are several effective commercial teeth whiteners that you can use and cosmetic procedures that you can go for, they are not cheap. If you are looking for cheap teeth whitener, the solution is homemade remedies. They are affordable, readily available, and promise quick results.

 Here are our top 6 suggestions:

  1. Natural Oils

Natural oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil, orange oil, and sesame oil are powerful mouthwash and teeth whitener. Through a technique called oil pulling, these oils can pull teeth discoloration bacteria away. You are required to:

  • Gargle natural oil for about 15 minutes
  • Rinse the oil off with plain water
  • Repeat daily for quick results
  1. Fruit Peels

Peels from fruits like banana, orange, and lemon are great scrubbers. You can use them to scrub off stains from your teeth. You are required to:

  • Cut fruit peels into small pieces
  • Rub the pieces gently on your discolored teeth for 2 minutes
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse your mouth
  • Repeat the technique daily for quick results


  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective bleach that can be used to brush off stains from your teeth. Though it can act alone, it’s more effective when used together with lime in equal measure. You are required to:

  • Mix baking soda and lime to form a paste
  • Use a toothbrush to apply the paste on your stained teeth
  • Allow the paste to act for 2 minutes before brushing
  • Rinse off with plain water
  1. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a powerful absorber of teeth-staining bacteria. It can substitute toothpaste and guarantees fast teeth whitening results. You are required to:

  • Wet a toothbrush and dip it into activated charcoal
  • Apply the charcoal to your teeth
  • Allow it to act for 2 minutes before brushing
  • Rinse off meticulously with plain water
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong bleach that can clear teeth discoloration. Since its concentration is strong, you are required to mix with distilled water in the same ratio. Then, you need to:

  • Gargle the mixture for 30 seconds
  • Spit it out and rinse your mouth with plain water
  • Repeat the process twice a week
  1. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is an amazing stain remover and cleaner that can yield great results on your teeth. You are required to:

  • Sprinkle a small portion of turmeric powder on a toothbrush
  • Use it to brush your teeth normally for 2 minutes
  • Rinse off with plain water
  • Brush again (but with toothpaste this time around) to mask the turmeric flavor.

Sometimes, homemade remedies are a better cleaning option. In the case of teeth whitening, they are affordable and you can get them locally. Furthermore, they are proven to yield quick results. So, they are worth a try if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Paul Petersen