How effective can an online consultation be with your doctor?

How effective can an online consultation be with your doctor?

Post the 2020 Covid outbreak, almost every department in this world has gone online with no fail because it’s difficult to keep everything on hold. Likewise, the medical sector has also gone predominantly online in the past two years. Online consultation with your doctor can turn out to be really great if you are registering with the right kind of sites available online. There are many app for doctors available online at the moment that help you to get in touch with the best doctors in and around your place or even further if required according to your needs. Online consultation can make things really easy for people who stay away and in remote areas to access the best of treatments through their mobile phones or computers. Icareheal has come up with the most effective and unique ways to connect patients with the right doctors as easily as possible. Below are listed some benefits of this whole online consultation programme that we offer:

  1. No need to visit doctor physically:

        Every time you go to visit your doctor, you have to travel to get there. With an online consultation, you don’t need to wait for the bus or take your car. You simply go on the internet and begin your consultation.You can speak with highly trained medical professionals without needing to move from your seat.This is especially useful if your condition reduces your mobility. Or, maybe you don’t have access to transport. Whatever the reason, you can get the medical assistance you need from the comfort of your home.

  1. Better ways to check symptoms:

It’s impossible to stop people from searching the internet for a self-diagnosis.There are always going to be limitations to reading blogs and watching videos about your symptoms and what they mean. However, with virtual doctors using AI symptom checkers, you stand a better chance of identifying your symptoms and the causes. Then you are also well prepared to meet your family doctor or have an online consultation on any app for doctors.

  1. Save money:

Online consultation is an affordable solution to your medical needs.Because it’s cheaper to speak with a doctor online, you can afford to see a doctor even if you’re not certain.

  1. Access your prescription:

Do you require regular prescriptions for your health condition to access medication?You don’t need to visit a doctor face-to-face to get your prescription. You can receive the prescription from a nearby pharmacy or directly to your door. However, you might require an in-person examination before you can receive your prescription. An example of this is viagra.There are often occasions when you can get your prescription with just an online consultation or medical advice with a doctor. In particular, contraceptives and many types of allergy medication can be prescribed by a doctor online.

  1. Privacy & Security:

Many people aren’t okay with talking to their doctor online.That’s why it’s especially important to make sure you’re talking to someone with the medical expertise to advise you on your health condition.With a virtual doctor, you can be confident that you’re using a secure system and server. Your information will always be kept safe and secure. As always, everything you discuss with your doctor is confidential in an online consultation.

Comfort & convenience:

If you wake up in the middle of the night with symptoms that you’re concerned about – what can you do? Normally, you would have to wait until the doctor’s clinic opens the next day, or rush to a 24/7 clinic. However, with an online consultation, you can reach your doctor 24/7. Now, you can sit in the comfort of your own home while you wait to speak to the doctor. And that is exactly how easy app for doctors and app for clinics have made it in reality to access medical help all around the globe. Even at icareheal, it is our motto to serve everyone with the treatment and medical help that they need.

  1. Know your health better:

Unlike in a face-to-face consultation, in your online consultation with your doctor, you sometimes have to examine yourself. For instance, you have to check your inflamed tissue in your throat or the ache in your back. By examining yourself, you can learn a lot about your health.The greater understanding of your own medical problems, the better you’ll be about determining whether you need to see a doctor or not.

  1. Zero risk of further infections from clinics:

It’s a strange idea that you go to the doctor’s to get better. After all, you’re travelling to a location where lots of people are sick. If you’re sitting and waiting for hours for your appointment, you could catch all kinds of diseases.With your online consultation, there’s no risk of catching anything. If your immune system is down, sometimes you’re better speaking to a doctor by booking an online consultation.

How to prepare for an online consultation with your doctor?

Even though a virtual doctor using intelligent symptom checking methods are definitely not a replacement for the primary care you’ll receive from your family doctor or online consultant doctor. It’s a really useful extension to your health care arrangement. It’s efficient for you and the doctor. You’ll save money and you’ll learn more about your own health, without needing to leave your home.

The best doctor at icareheal for online consultation about issues starting from allergy immunology to hearing impairment is Dr. Almas Fatma. She is a General Physician in Navi Mumbai with an experience of over seven years. She has completed her MBBS & Diploma in Family Medicine and also holds the distinction of being a lifetime member of Telemedicine Society of India. After having worked at Apollo Hospitals, Dr Almas Fatma has begun to cater her patients through online consultation. She has expertise in providing healthcare services in Fever, COVID19, Diabetes, UTI, asthma, hypertension and general health check. Dr. Almas Fatma has an experience in both extensive hospital setting and telehealth to strategize the best treatment plan for her patients. Therefore, you can visit our site anyday to get yourself diagnosed without even coming up to our clinic in-person.




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