How to Have White Teeth Even If You Love Coffee and Red Wine

How to Have White Teeth Even If You Love Coffee and Red Wine

Are you afraid that the way you love to drink coffee or red wine will lead your teeth to damage?

So now we are going to let you know the ways you can avoid and get rid of blemish on your teeth. 

There are different types of drinks, foods, treatments which can damage the teeth and disorganize your smile. If you want to know the cause of the tint, and what you can do to get rid of it, then you need to read about what the professionals say about it. If you want the best toothpaste for coffee drinkers then by far Colgate is the number one choice according to this page. 

We have two different types of tints: we have Intrinsic which is permanent and also extrinsic which can be removing. 

Ø Intrinsic tint always occurs in the tooth surface, and it usually comes up from childhood. When your teeth are growing and the top layer is developing. It can be caused by so many things, for example, you can have a high temperature, taking tetracycline drugs, etc. so if you have this tint or not, your reactions to it will depend on your hereditary disposition. 

Ø Extrinsic tint always occurs at the outdoor of your tooth surface and it is caused by taking things that are high in coloring. For example, smoking, drinking, foods and red wine or coffee. The tint can be removed and also be prevented. 

Extrinsic tints usually rest on the number of foods, drinks and other things you take, and always look on any sign on your for them to go into and damaged it.


Plaque is something that is muggy and colorless and it is made from the combination of the food, spit, and germs that get into your teeth. Since plaque is a permeable material that is together with the tooth, it enthralls tint fluids and ends in damage. 

Once the plaque accumulation is there on your teeth, it will become worse and make the teeth to turn into residues which are not easy to remove. If you want to remove it, it can only be removed by professionals or a dentist. So if you are taking things that can damage your teeth, then you can get a tint of your teeth. 

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Some who are genetically predisposed to greater plaque, sometimes the teeth get damaged. Some people always have more of the thinking that they will get disposed to get the tint than the people who have germs that form plaques.

However, some people have very strong saliva produce which can help to defend your teeth against germs and help preserve accumulation. The frequency of what you have seen so far, you can see that the tint depends on the rate at which you consume food, and even though the rate at which the germs are in, in your mouth.

Nevertheless, the tint doesn’t happen here at night, it always takes a month or two before a plaque can change to something like a tint. 

Your teeth will stain if you do not get rid of the things you take. If you take coffee per day then be sure that your teeth stain.


John Ewers