Keeping Your Teeth white: The best Choices for Your Now

Keeping Your Teeth white: The best Choices for Your Now

To have your teeth whitened, who has never thought of it? Between the advertisements for toothpaste selling their so-called instant effects (for me it never worked in any case) and the bright smile of the stars, we all wondered what were the secrets of this sparkling teeth?

And yes having white teeth is not an innate thing, teeth have the annoying tendency to turn yellow they must be maintained and especially know the right techniques. As you will read in f5active you will know the best there.

  • Brushing your teeth after each meal for 3 minutes would make your teeth whiter. Yes we know, there we teach you nothing but hey it is better to specify the base from the start! If your mom couldn’t convince you, we’re not going to try now, we promise. As it is now that you want to have white teeth and not in 10 years, fortunately there is a range of more effective methods in the short term and not always known to whiten your teeth, we have selected the most effective.

From natural solutions to the most radical and the most eccentric, you will have no excuse for not smiling anymore and enjoying life to the fullest!

The Lemon Against The Pie Allows Teeth Whitening

As we have seen, lemon has many cleaning virtues. Symbol of freshness, its citric acid and its sanitizing properties will make you smile ultra bright. Small bonuses: it also helps fight against oral diseases such as gingivitis. This little citrus fruit is also a great ally against bad breath.

How to use it?

Gently brush the lemon on your teeth 1 time per week but not more because its acidity can damage the enamel in the event of too frequent use.

Baking Soda: Grandma’s Technique For Having White Teeth

Bicarbonate is a product to have absolutely at home, for the body, in the kitchen, or for the household, it intervenes in all areas. Here, his goals are to smooth plaque, reduce it and eliminate the most persistent stains.

Its assets: a natural, ecological and pure product! By its elements and its benefits for the body, it constitutes a quality substance! It is the scrub care but for the teeth. To use once a week, put a little powder on your toothbrush, result, whiter teeth in just a few rubs.

Tea Tree Essential Oil : An Ancestral And Whitening Plant

What is this thing? This is an oil made from the leaves of trees discovered by James Cook during the discovery of Australia! With her crew, they quickly realized that she had many virtues and that the natives used them to heal themselves!

In addition to these antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a very good oral antiseptic: the color of your teeth will be whiter and sharper thanks to its active ingredients. One drop per week per use is enough! Just put it on your toothpaste and even the most stubborn stains won’t stay in place.

Coarse Sea Salt: These Crystals Will Make You Smile

Very strong in Iodine, this Guérande treasure is one of the most natural solutions for teeth whitening! Known for its antifungal and antiseptic benefits, this white gold has it all. You were sure of its importance in the kitchen but now you can also note that it can be useful in the bathroom!

Choose Your Food Wisely: An Important Factor In The Color Of Your Teeth

Choosing the right food is an important factor in the color of your teeth.

Emily Mauch