Learn How to Turn Your Trash Into Gold

Learn How to Turn Your Trash Into Gold

Reports from all around the globe say the same thing; our planet is suffocating. Animal species have gone extinct due to climate change caused by pollution.

It is often said that “one man’s trash is another man’s gold” but how true is that statement? Many organizations have opened their doors in an attempt to curb the pollution menace but not so many have been successful.

There are rules and regulations that aim to curb air and water pollution by companies but are futile. Corruption and negligence have paved way for small industries and individuals to litter without any great repercussion.

‘Be the change you want to see’ is a philosophy that inspired the founding of MBP Solutions. The Modern By-Products Solutions Ltd was founded two decades ago in support of the Go Green initiative. Its main focus is on the optimal use of waste and residues. This ensures that by-products from industries are not dumped carelessly, but are rather carefully collected and reused.

MBP Solutions has therefore developed great innovative by-product solutions hence helping industries go green.

With an open-book policy, MBP Solutions oversees collection, handling, processing, production and application of biological by-products. The following are different ways in which MBP is changing the world, one industry at a time.

1. Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Your By-Products

MBP is a world leader in the collection of biological raw materials for by-product production. All of MBP’s services are in full legal compliance therefore ensuring openness and smooth running of the business. Through a signed agreement with MBP, industries are guaranteed full service since their products are taken as they are and as they come.

This approach ensures that all by-products are legally compliant. Being a big company, MBP often outsources solutions for management of by-products. This offers a wide range of high value services, legal and product and service development.

2. How to Earn from Used Cooking Oil

Most restaurants and hotels often have a hard time getting rid of used cooking oil (UCO). in the case of frying, cooking oil can be reused several times. After some time, it becomes rancid and needs to be replaced. Careless disposal of UCO can result in hazardous consequences. This includes formation of hydrogen sulphide, which is a toxic gas and is highly flammable.

MBP provides a solution for this.it arranges for collection and safe transportation of the UCO to its facilities. The UCO is then processed and turned into bio diesel. The process is certified to a number of qualities, environmental and sustainability standards. This process helps to prevent cutting down of palm trees in order to tap bio diesel.

3. Healthy Food for Your Fur Babies

For pet owners, keeping their fur babies happy and healthy is their priority. Unfortunately, the issue of quality is uncertain. I some instances, pet owners find out too late the side effects of unhealthy pet food.

MBP produces potato proteins which is used in many grain-free products. It has a protein content of about 80% which is best suited for super premium pet food producers.

4. Get Maximum Returns from Your Agribusiness

More and more people are going into agriculture. Their search for independence has led them to agribusiness which is now booming. For farmers that keep poultry, livestock and fish, animal feed is essential. It is important to invest in quality animal feed in order to boost returns

MBP understands that different species have different nutritional needs. Their highly qualified and experienced staff advice customers on the best animal nutrition. All production procedures are based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

The high-quality animal feed is packed with marine fish oils. This ensures that your animals get only the best of the best.

Final Remarks

MBP has experts with deep understanding of production technology. They are able to analyze waste and by-product streams and asses their potential in different applications. Join MBP today and make the world a better place for you and your future generation.

Emily Mauch