Learning The 5 Recommended Cancer Testing Types For All Ages

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the number one and constant leading cause of millions of deaths worldwide. The disease is accountable for nearly ten million deaths in the first two decades since the 2000s. It is also equivalent to a ratio of one in six deaths. Because of these high figures, it is only necessary that people should consider cancer testing more than ever.

If you’re considering scheduling cancer testing anytime soon, here are some recommended screening tests for any age.


FOR: Women ages 40 and above

In 2020, almost 2.26 million new cases got recorded by WHO, making this type one of the most common cancers among women. If you are planning to get breast cancer testing, schedule a mammogram appointment with a radiologist or mammographer. This cancer testing is highly advisable among women of ages 40 and above.


FOR: Men and women ages 45 through 75

The colon cancer test is also significant for detecting colorectal cancer early. Some colorectal tests highly recommended include stool tests, colonoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy. Colorectal cancer testing can help detect abnormal colon growths and prevent the disease from developing.


FOR: Men and women ages 50 to 80

According to the WHO, lung cancer had the highest number of deaths in 2020, accounting for almost two million deaths. Low-dose helical computed tomography can efficiently help reduce lung cancer deaths, especially among heavy smokers, current or former ones. This cancer testing is best for smokers and secondhand smokers.


FOR: Women ages 21 until they turn 65

For many women, cervical cancer testing is highly crucial to determine any development of disease, inflammation, and infection in the reproductive organs. Some recommended tests for women ages 21 and above include PAP Smear and Human papillomavirus (HPV) tests. Whether sexually active or not, cervical cancer testing can help detect abnormal cells before growing into cancer.


FOR: Men and women ages 18 and above

Another cancer testing you should consider is skin cancer exams. Although this cancer testing doesn’t decrease the risks of dying, still, it can get treated immediately. As healthcare experts say, the earlier you get diagnosed, the earlier you can get treatment. Observe for any unusual changes in your skin, such as a new mole or scaly patches.

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Clare Louise