Problems In Your Intimate Region During Menopause

If your mood changes fast, you are losing focus, or get irritated quickly, you are gaining weight, the hot flushes appear and you notice changes in your period, it is most likely that you are entering the menopause. One of the symptoms which many woman have is vaginal dryness, and this can cause some problems.

Menopause is a natural appearance in every woman’s life. The changes usually start in late 40s and early 50s and the first infallible sign will be loss of your menstrual circle. That is due to hormone changes which are linked to ovaries poor function.  At the beginning, the hormone level varies, and you will notice that in your irregular period.

Menopause happens for every woman at a certain age

After some time the ovaries will lose its function and stop to produce hormones and those are estrogen and progesterone. For some women, it will be the best to make an appointment with the doctor, which you can do at menopause clinic – Australian Menopause Centre and make sure that changes that you are experiencing are coming from menopause.

Vaginal dryness

Your vaginal flora is under the influence of hormone changes. Naturally, the estrogen provides required lubrication to the vagina, but when its level dropdown, the vagina becomes dry. After some time, estrogen won’t be produced anymore and vaginal dryness can make quite problems in a woman’s everyday life.

The vaginal tissue is getting more sensitive, even to the point when it starts to be painful. The most problematic situation is during the intercourse and that can be very frustrating. It these cases, the good solution can be lubricants which are based on the water, because oil ones can make the situation even worse.

Your sex life can be more enjoyable with a good remedy

For some women, pain can be present when they are exercising, sitting or even peeing. This is also due to vaginal atrophy, the condition when the skin around the vagina is getting thinner. Besides this, you may have, in some periods, sensations of burning or itching and in those situations don’t hesitate to visit your gynaecologist.

Vaginal dryness can be affected not just from the outside, but also from the inside. The specialist has created the natural hormone therapy, which you can see at and this isjust one option of few treatments. This therapy is also known as bioidentical hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormones are balancing the loss of your body hormones, as they are natural and very similar to them. Besides the vaginal dryness, they are also reducing other menopause symptoms. As for the vaginal dryness, the doctor can also give you topical solutions, such as oestrogen cream or pessaries. This is the most common therapy, and the clients are very satisfied with it.

Final word

You don’t have to endure vaginal dryness and other menopause symptoms. The best way to reduce them is to find a good doctor who will prescribe the adequate therapy for you.

Emily Mauch