Reading Glasses: Tips To Avoid Making A Mistake In Your Choice

Reading Glasses: Tips To Avoid Making A Mistake In Your Choice

The Presbyopia is a disorder, also known as farsightedness. From the age of 40 to 45, it affects near vision in practically everyone.

With age, the problem increases, and its correction is essential with reading glasses, which can not only be used for this activity, but also for any other that requires a close look, such as sewing, using the phone, etc.

This disorder occurs basically for two reasons:

  • Aging of the lens: The lens is a part of the eye that is located between the iris and the vitreous humor. It is shaped like a biconvex lens, and its function is to correctly focus the image in front of you so that it is perceived clearly as a whole.


  • The reduction of the accommodating power of the eye: Parallel to the action of the lens, other structures of the eye also influence its ability to see correctly and clearly at different distances.

However, although all reading glasses fulfill the function of ensuring that the patient can see correctly up close, each patient will have particular characteristics that will determine what is most appropriate for them. Hence, the comparison between Glasses vs LASIK.

Close-Up Glasses: How To Choose Them

Glasses to correct presbyopia, popularly known as reading glasses or close-up glasses, are the most common solution to this problem, at least until tired eyesight stabilizes.

First of all, it is very important to have them well graduated, so it is necessary to go to a specialist to calculate the exact number of diopters and the interpupillary distance. If the interpupillary distance is properly measured, the optical center of the lens coincides with the center of the pupil. This leads to a correct view, since, otherwise, anomalies may occur in the way the image in front of you is perceived.

On the other hand, close-up glasses must have anti-reflective treatment since it greatly improves the optical quality of the glasses and almost completely avoids the annoying reflections produced by artificial lights.

Alternative To Reading Glasses: Married Eyesight Operation

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that, although the use of reading glasses or close-up glasses is the treatment most used by the majority of patients with eyestrain, another treatment option is surgery.

The eyestrain operation corrects the problem of presbyopia in the eyes, which allows the patient to dispense with the use of reading glasses, which is usually much more comfortable in most cases. Also, depending on each patient, several options can be evaluated when operating.

On one hand, there is the option of performing the surgery by implanting a multifocal intraocular lens. On the other hand, the other surgery option that allows you to get rid of reading glasses and presbyopia as a whole is laser surgery.

John Ewers