Repair your split earlobe quickly and safely with pleasing surgery

Repair your split earlobe quickly and safely with pleasing surgery

There are numerous reasons for experiencing widened piercing holes and split earlobes. When it comes to split earlobes, they are caused by often trauma that may happen if the earring is pulled through your piercing hole. Wearing heavy earrings can also lengthen your piercing hole and pull through over time. Individuals with very thin earlobes are also predisposed to this kind of happening. The split earlobes may even happen in individuals who fail to have their ears pierced.  In some instances, the clip-on earnings which are very right can limit the flow of blood to your earlobe. It will lead to either necrosis or death of the part of your earlobe. It causes the split earlobe. In addition, there are congenital causes available for split earlobes. The broad piercing holes are otherwise called partially split earlobes. It will result from wearing bulky earrings which will widen your piercing hole. Few ear piercings are stretched purposefully to accommodate big gauge tunnels.

How to fix partially split or split earlobe?

Having wider piercing holes is truly a big inconvenience for many people. Due to this, they look for a perfect solution. It is good news for everyone that there is a reliable way available to fix this problem.  If you want to correct your stretched ear piercing, widened hole or split earlobe, you can simply opt for earlobe repair surgery.  It is performed by dermatologic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and ENT specialists. The first step of this surgery is to clean the area by using antiseptic.   For numbing the targeted area, there is local anesthesia injected into and around the place which will be repaired or fixed.

Everything about the surgical technique

There are lots of surgical procedures available to repair the split earlobe, but the novel technique will increase the comfort of people. It will avoid your need for visiting the clinic again for taking out your stitches. This kind of treatment is extremely safe and also performed under local anesthesia. It is pleasing news for everyone that this technique brings faster healing as well as an excellent cosmetic result. The outcome of this surgical technique is a visible vertical line after the healing process. It may fade over a certain period.

Surgery time and results

  • This novel and pain-free procedure generally take below 30 minutes.
  • You can leave the clinic and also join your work on the same day of your surgery
  • This procedure never require admission
  • Both damaged and torn earlobe slits are repaired within 30 minutes, under only local anesthesia. 
  • There is no need for patients to put stitches.
  • The individuals are allowed to wear the clip-on earnings six weeks following their surgery or change their studs two months following the surgery
  • It is highly advised to wear the light-weight studs to get protection against tears and split earlobes in the upcoming days.

John Ewers