Reviewing Herbalife’s Road to Nutritional Success

Reviewing Herbalife’s Road to Nutritional Success

Herbalife is a global nutrition company with superior products and highly skilled scientists who have been innovating for more than forty years. Herbalife’s wide selection of nutritional products is popular in over 90 countries.

Herbalife’s Mission

A commitment to quality nutrition, top-notch supplements, and superior self-care products makes Herbalife one of the most successful nutrition companies. Herbalife products are expertly researched, crafted, and tested for integrity and quality under the watchful eye of scientists, doctors, and nutritionists. Regardless of your health and wellness goals, you are sure to find products that enhance your life in some way. Here are just a few of Herbalife’s offerings:

  1. Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shakes

Formula 1 is one of Herbalife’s most popular products. The shakes come in a variety of flavors, from vanilla to pumpkin spice (seasonal only), and their smooth and creamy taste makes them an easy way to meet your weight loss or weight maintenance goals. Replacing two meals per day with this high-quality meal replacement meets your daily requirement of several vitamins and minerals; incorporating Formula 1 into your diet will provide greater energy and better health.

  1. Liftoff

One common complaint of people trying to lose weight is a lack of energy, but with Liftoff, energy is no longer a problem. This energy drink mix is a proprietary blend of natural energy enhancers like green tea, vitamin B, and other ingredients, and its effervescent, fruity flavors add depth and sweetness to any beverage.

  1. Prolessa

Prolessa is a non-stimulating appetite suppressant that is designed to amp up your fat-burning efforts. Palm and oat oils combine to give a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. Prolessa can also be used in combination with protein mix and nutritional shakes to help place you in the fat-burning zone for hours after your meal.

  1. Skin and Hair Care Products

Just as your body deserves proper nutrition to function at optimal levels, your skin and hair deserve a little pampering, too. A focus on outer nutrition is the icing on the cake; improving your health from the inside is enhanced by premium skin and hair care products that can give you a youthful glow.

  1. Garden 7

Let’s face it—few of us make a concerted effort to eat enough fruits and veggies each day. It can be difficult to incorporate 5 to 9 servings daily, and with Garden 7, you don’t have to. If you want an easy way to get your plant-based nutrition without eating too much fiber, consider adding Garden 7 to your daily routine.



  1. Collagen Beauty Booster

As we age, our body’s vital protein collagen is depleted. Collagen’s used for the formation of healthy skin, hair, muscle, and connective tissue. Collagen Beauty Booster is a delicious drink mix that offers an easy way to get some collagen flowing again. Add the mix to a tea, some lemonade, or even a glass of refreshing ice water and turn back the clock.

You Owe It to Yourself

If you want to look and feel better for the long haul, consider implementing Herbalife supplements and products into your overall wellness plan. Your body is a wondrous machine that deserves premium fuel. While there is no substitute for a healthy diet rich in whole foods, Herbalife is a wonderful way to round out your nutritional requirements and put you on the fast track to health and wellness.

Clare Louise