The worst-hit in the medical community due to the current pandemic- The dentist community

The worst-hit in the medical community due to the current pandemic- The dentist community

The world is going through a pandemic. A pandemic that came into existence out of nowhere and took the world by surprise. And with no cure in view, the fight against this pandemic is harder than everyone expected. Though almost every other sector is affected by this pandemic, the most suffering sector is the medical community. The medical community and medical infrastructure are stretched across the globe to the point of breaking. One of the branches of the medical community, the dental care professionals are the worst hit. But it is not only true this time, but it is also true for the dentists at all times. 

The emerging problems related to poor oral care

The main issue with the dental care profession at large is the point that people are not aware of different problems that can emerge due to bad oral hygiene. Like for example, almost everyone across the globe is aware of heart diseases or cancers, but most of them are not aware of the simplest facts relating to cavities. There are basically three aspects to the holistic knowledge of dental care. The first one is to know the harms of not maintaining good oral hygiene. Then once people understand the problems of bad oral hygiene, the next step is to know the methods of preventing them. And lastly, if all preventive measures fail, the point of cure.

The two negative effects of poor oral hygiene and dental care

There are basically two types of negative effects of bad oral hygiene: the direct effects and indirect effects. The direct effects of bad oral hygiene include problems like bleeding of gums, toothache, swollen gums, bad breath, infections, ulcers, etc. The indirect effects include many chronic diseases like arthritis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, oral cancer, etc. These health problems, which are either due to direct effects of oral hygiene or some underlying effects of it, make up a good case for maintaining better oral hygiene.

The prevention and care of all dental problems 

Now the next two points can be conjoined together because both of these two points are concerned with the prevention of the aforementioned problems. Now to a personal level, regular brushing, gargling with lukewarm water at night, flossing after eating something, etc. should be included in daily routine. Some other measures like using mouthwash, avoiding junk food, etc. can be useful as well. But if these preventive measures fail, then a visit to a dentist is a must. Dentists who are offering their services in these times with proper safety measures and social distancing protocols can offer relief to your oral problems. Dentists such as those from living well dental groups are offering appointments now. Their official website is, also open for inquiries. Treatments and most cosmetic solutions of teeth problems are now available in most clinics as well.

Ruth Chacon