Three Reasons That Made The World’s Oldest Person Live So Long

Three Reasons That Made The World’s Oldest Person Live So Long


Two French ladies have reached the list of the world’s oldest citizens despite the rarity of someone living above 100.

At 122 years of age, Jeanne Calment is regarded as the oldest person ever. Before her death on the 17th of January at the age of 118, Sister André, a French nun, held the record for the oldest person in the world.

Before she died, she had a conversation about her life with Jean-Marie Robin, a demographer who specializes in the connections between longevity and good health. According to Robine, Calment’s longevity was undoubtedly influenced by various factors of her life in addition to random events in major parts. Have a look at NMN Supplements

Calment’s Wealth

Calment was raised in a wealthy household in the southern part of France, according to Robine, thus she resided in a good area. He notes that it was uncommon for women to attend school until they were 16 at the time. She also attended private courses in dancing, cooking, and painting up until the time she got married at 20.

According to Robin, “She never worked,” which is another aspect that probably extended her life. She did not have to prepare food for herself or go shopping for needs as a consequence. She was constantly helped at home by someone.

Calment’s Habit Of Smoking Cigarettes

According to Robin, Calment was unable to smoke before her marriage. Remembering that she was in a village in the south of France is crucial. Of course, doing so was against the law and difficult for females, especially those from wealthy families.

Not long after their wedding, Calment’s spouse offered her a cigarette. Even though she was happy to be allowed to do something she was once forbidden from doing, she gave up smoking after “smoking for the first time”. Note that she didn’t smoke for the majority of her life, only picking up the habit when residing in a nursing facility at the age of 112.

Calment’s Active Social Life

Having a lot of time to herself, Calment had “Nothing to do other than take good care of herself, go to France, and engage in social activities,” according to Robin. Most of the time, she went to social gatherings and made new friends, because “people were arranging dances at home.”

She not only traveled frequently, but she also got to take her spouse to Paris to watch the Eiffel Tower being built. At the dawn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she found this intriguing world.

It would have been unusual if she passed away at 119 or 120, according to Robine. But she survived up to the age of 122 and a few more days.

In addition, Robin oversees research at the French institute INSERM (Institut National De La Santé et de La Recherche Médicale). In September 2019, he published “The Real Facts Supporting Jeanne Calment as the Oldest Ever Human,” which is his most current essay on the subject.

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