Top 6 Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, simply known as TRT, is one of the hottest concepts in the rapidly growing field of hormone therapy these days. But while seemingly new for many, it is actually a medicinal treatment that has been around for almost a century already.

What TRT simply do to a patient’s body is improving their testosterone level, which is quite important for aging men or those with a condition called hypogonadism or Low T. In teenagers, having Low T can mean delayed development of manly features, and for men nearing their 30’s, it could prevent them from achieving successful pregnancy. 

These conditions are what TRT is designed to treat. To give you more ideas about this topic, here are the main points of the infographic below from Ehormones, which discusses some of the most amazing things you should know about Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

  1. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for stimulating the growth of male characteristics in our body, such as deep voice and toned muscles. As we age, our T-Level also decreases which results in reduced sex drive, hair loss, etc.
  2. It was in in 1935 when testosterone was first synthesized. However, intramuscular undecanoate injections, which is the primary testosterone ester used by most clinics these days, wasn’t introduced in Europe and the United States until the mid-2000s. 
  3. TRT has been proven to be highly beneficial to male patients, including but not limited to improved sex drive, improved weight loss, and better mood and concentration. 
  4. Many menopausal women are also using TRT to increase their libido. 
  5. TRT can be taken in many forms, including oral tablets, buccal patches, injections, and gels.  
  6. TRT is designed to be a long-term therapy for maximum efficacy. 

If you want to know more about these TRT facts and the significant benefits it can provide, check out the infographic below. 


Ruth Chacon