Top Cosmetic & Aesthetics Procedures

Top Cosmetic & Aesthetics Procedures

Popular Types of Cosmetic & Aesthetics Treatments

In recent years cosmetics and aesthetics procedures have seen a huge surge in popularity and they are no longer just seen as for the rich and famous. Whether it’s a quick lift or a plump of the lips, cosmetics and aesthetics can easily enhance a person’s looks or reduce a particular feature or mark, such as spots or scars. With cosmetics and aesthetics treatments seeing such a huge uptake, we have covered some of the most popular types of procedures that are regularly undertaken.

Top 4 Cosmetic & Aesthetics Procedures


There are many different types of fillers available, from cheek fillers to lip fillers. Fillers are quick ways to enhance particular features such as cheek bones or jawlines or they can be used to reduce things such as bumps in the nose. Some filler treatments are quite quick to carry out, however others require more extensive treatments to ensure they take correctly.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are highly popular with people of all ages and genders, however there comes a time when you might become sick of one or regret that tattoo you once loved. Laser tattoo removal is a highly effective way to remove old tattoos and in just 4 sessions, most tattoos are barely noticeable. Tattoo removal is typically available at most aesthetic clinics and tattoo studios such as Tattoos Sussex.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections are a great way to reduce years of lines or wrinkles and one quick treatment can literally remove years from a person. Anti wrinkle injections are commonly known as botox and are available from most aesthetic practices however the treatment must be carried out by a registered nurse. Anti wrinkle injections can be injected into a number of places in the face, such as the forehead, around the eyes or around the mouth.


One of the more dramatic cosmetic procedures available is face lifts, however it does offer a number of huge benefits such as taking years off a person’s age. Facelifts cost slightly more than aesthetics treatments, however the effects do last for years. A lift of the face should be carried out by a trained cosmetic surgeon to ensure they are carried out correctly and have no detriment to the face.

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