Travelling With Health And Safety In Mind: 8 Tips When Wearing A Face Mask

Travelling With Health And Safety In Mind: 8 Tips When Wearing A Face Mask

Finally, you might already be on your way to a 3-week European vacation to savour the best pasta in Italy, sweet treats in Belgium, the finest fashion goods in Paris, or bask under the sun in the islands of Indonesia, which is only a 2-hour aeroplane ride away from Singapore. Whatever travel you have in store for you, let us remind everyone that wearing a surgical or disposable face mask is something you should never forget. Another would be practising proper health and sanitation measures to prevent virus transmission. Why? Despite the reopening of borders and the increasing number of vaccinated people, there is still a chance of you contracting COVID.

Aside from packing your best of the best from your closet, personal care essentials, and electronic devices to immortalise your memories, never forget your face mask in Singapore and your dedication to health & safety! That is the key to hassle-free vacations that you will truly appreciate.

Explore these tips for your upcoming post-pandemic vacation, and keep safe while appreciating the new sights you see!


Mandates and laws differ in every country. For instance, the Philippines required its citizens to wear a ‘face shield’ or a plastic accessory to cover the face to minimise transmission. But they recently stopped requiring this, and a face mask is already enough. While in Singapore, they continue to wear it in indoor spaces, but using one outdoors is optional. The point is, despite the different rules in every country, wearing a disposable or surgical mask, in Singapore, for example, is still necessary. No one should be complacent only because more and more people are no longer wearing this protective accessory.


People have preferences when choosing a mask. One might prefer trusting the medical practice that puts a premium on using a surgical mask, while others have no issues with things and are amenable to whatever is available. You might even encounter someone with glasses who is nitpicky because they struggle with fogging. In short, stock up on your preferred mask because you will need it for your trip! Do not worry because it is better to have more than less.




Packing your suitcase is not rocket science, regardless if you are a first-timer or a seasoned traveller. What does packing strategically mean? Assume you have one checked baggage, carry-on, and a personal bag. Pack your preferred disposable or reusable face mask with your clothes and belongings. Use a secure box or packaging. Second, pack a few pieces, around five, in your carry-on, just in case things happen. Lastly, include a few in your bag to easily reach them while on the aeroplane or waiting for your flight.


Premium-class passengers have all the space aside from their comfortable flat beds. However, people from the economy class also have storage spaces for their personal belongings. They are usually in the seat in front of you containing the magazine, inflight catalogue for shopping, waste bag, and safety manual. Take advantage of these spaces and store an extra face maskbecause reaching out for your bag might be tedious given the cramped space. While for premium passengers, take note of where you have stored it because it is easy to forget.


The minor disadvantage of using a disposable face mask is throwing them away, especially if you engage in sustainable practices to save the environment. First, wash your hands before removing them. Besides, doing this is already our second nature. After that, fold the mask and roll it. There is no need to be nitpicky when folding it correctly. And lastly, use the ear loops to secure and throw them in the dedicated bin. (Tip: You can also consider cutting the mask into two because someone might reuse them.)


There is immense pain in seeing a person improperly wearing a reusable or surgical mask in Singapore. Imagine using one, but their nose is not secure inside and probably out there breathing all the viruses and bacteria. With this, it is necessary to realise that the aeroplane is one of the dirtiest areas you can visit. People from different places come together, and you are inside an air-tight space, like the food container your mother gives you. Kidding aside, remember to wear these things properly, not just for your sake, but for everyone.


You might prefer reusable ones over a disposable face mask because they are more sustainable or offer more comfort. Consider skipping them for a limited time because a surgical face mask is better for travelling by air, especially if you have longer flights with layovers. Why? They are easy to replace when the need arises. Not to mention, you have no time and place to wash and dry your cloth mask at the airport. (Tip: You can always use them when arriving at your destination.)


Do you like a particular brand of surgical mask in Singapore? Look for a supplieryou can trust. First, ensure they carry credible and medically-approved brands because skimping does more harm than good. It is your health we’re talking about, so take it seriously. The second step is to find the one that you like the most. Do you wish to avoid fogging your glasses? Or is your face too small for the standard and generic disposable face mask? Feel free to buy a ‘trial piece’ to examine whether they work for you. And lastly, have a stable supply for your trip because you might have difficulties finding them at your destination. Keep a few pieces in all of your bags.



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John Ewers