Try These Tips to Fight Hyperpigmentation Approved By Experts

Try These Tips to Fight Hyperpigmentation Approved By Experts

If you are having dark spots on your body especially the face, you may find it disturbing. But with new skincare techniques and products, you can not only treat hyperpigmentation but also prevent it further.

But what is hyperpigmentation? It is the discolouration or darkening of a patch of the skin, due to overproduction of the brown pigment in the skin, known as melanin. According to skincare experts, hyperpigmentation is caused by the following factors:

  • Inflammation of Skin — Any skin condition such as eczema, acne, cuts, bug bites, or even vigorous rubbing can cause inflammation. Inflammation can act as a trigger for pigment-producing cells, which make the skin dark on a specific spot. 
  • Sun Exposure- The harmful UV rays of the sun, hitting your skin triggers the production of melanin as a defence tactic. This extra melanin produced gives you a tan. 
  • Medical Conditions- Hyperpigmentation can be caused by underlying medical conditions such as Addison’s disease. The side effects of certain medicines and drugs can also cause darkening of the skin. Even chemotherapy is said to cause hyperpigmentation.

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

We provide you with some expert-approved ways to not only treat hyperpigmentation but also prevent it from developing in the future. 

  • Keep Skin Moist to Boost Healthy Cell Production

In order to treat hyperpigmentation, look for effective over-the-counter products that contain moisturizing agents like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to boost the production of healthy cells. A good moisturizing product restores the skin’s barrier to further protect it from damage.


  • Do Not Scratch Blackheads, Bug Bites or Other Injuries

You really want to scratch an itch or a bug bite when it is irritating. Similarly, everybody wants to pop a zit or squeeze a blackhead. This is the number one cause of damaging the skin and causing hyperpigmentation. As you feel a scratch try not to pick on it. Use topical creams or ointments to put on scratches, mosquito bites and irritated or inflamed skin that you can buy easily from To further prevent hyperpigmentation, start treatment with whitening creams containing vitamin C, kojic acid or liquorice root. Look for these ingredients on the skin products that you buy. But note that you use these products regularly as these products take time to come into effect. 

  • Apply Sunscreen

Sun damage is among the top factors for hyperpigmentation. Apply sunblock every day even when indoors. 


Ruth Chacon