Unlocking The Secrets To Hair Beauty With A Proper Hair Care Habit!

Unlocking The Secrets To Hair Beauty With A Proper Hair Care Habit!

Do you want to have healthy, beautiful and straight hair? Your hair can be your point of pride. Some people can put too much attention and obsession on their own. It is something that is not uncommon. An ugly, dull and frizzy hair is often unattractive. Therefore, many invest in the best anti hair loss shampoo or the best conditioner, oil or serum that you can buy on the market.

Your Hair Care Habit Matters!

We don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars to earn a desirable hair that one is dying to have. However, a bad hair day can be a real thing. The idea of having the voluminous and bouncy mane models you see in ads is the ultimate hair goal for many, especially women. But a terrible or awful hair day can ruin yours in an instant. The ideal beautiful hair can be possible, and you can combat those bad hair days with proper hair care!

While one needs to invest more money for the best anti hairfall shampoo, costly conditioners and serum, getting the celebrity A-list’s hair is also possible with healthy habits. Your hair care habits play a role in giving you a lustrous, shiny look. On the other hand, a poor hair care habit can also put you at greater risk of having frequent bad hair days.

Since your hair is an extension of your own personality, you need to know how to take care of it. One needs to be attentive to what one wears and how it appears before you and others can say about what they are. Thus, your lifestyle has a massive impact, and how you live your life can reflect on your hair. Creating a healthy habit out of your hair care routine is one step toward achieving the most beautiful hair you can naturally do, apart from buying hair oil in Singapore and other fancy hair care items in the market.

Adopting a behaviour and changing your perception is the initial process to a healthy hair care habit. Considering the following elements can affect your hair condition:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Diet
  • Alcohol
  • Hair products
  • Chemical

The Golden Rules For A Healthy Hair


Shampoo your hair regularly.

Whether you’re using the best anti hair loss shampoo or typical ones that you can buy at your supermarket, shampooing your hair one to two times per day is a must. However, you need to know the right shampoo for your hair type.

Avoid hot water or exposing your hair to high temperatures.

You need the right temperature when washing your hair. Setting your water warm is far better than choosing a hot temperature. Heat can damage your hair, and excessive heat can further ruin your hair quality in the long run. Instead, have your hair rinsed with lukewarm water.

Always treat your hair like a delicate fabric.

It’s a good idea to have a perspective and think about your hair like a silk scarf or any delicate fabric. Whether you’re using the best conditioner for hair loss or a standard one in the supermarket (provided that it suits your hair type), you need to be gentle with what you apply and how you lather your hair. Gentle handling goes a long mile for healthy hair.

How To Transform Your Hair Routine Into A Healthy Habit?


Apart from having a different perspective and behaviour that aligns with positive hair care that considers the mentioned element, you’ll also need to consider a few things. You need to create a habit and how you can apply it to your daily hair care routine. It’s more than just having the best hair oil and other hair care items.

We must recognise that a habit is an innate behaviour that we do without giving conscious thought at all. A habit becomes part of us and of who we are. A routine is only a repeated set of tasks or actions. But with a higher degree of consciousness needed.

Aside from finding the best conditioner for hair loss or shampoo for radiant, shiny hair, getting the right habit starts with what your routine does. Adopting a new behaviour becomes easy when you recognise your habit and what rewards you can reap. Here are ways how you can create an effective habit from your hair care routine:

Have a cue that triggers a desire or craving.

There are feelings that come when doing something in particular. It is where our desire or craving derives. We must first identify this. The sound of water coming out of the shower and the fresh feeling after taking a bath can serve as a cue. It could also be the sensation of using a hair product we like.

Identify the reward.

The reward can be something that takes form as a result of doing something. The sight of voluminous, lustrous and shiny hair can be a rewarding experience after following a successful hair washing. Whether you’re using hair oil or going to treatment as an example, that specific action should bring you a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of accomplishment itself will be your reward.

Be conscious when you identify the cue and the reward.

You must realise the two factors (cue and the reward) when you are aiming to complete the action. As time goes by, you don’t need to be more conscious or give a thought about the cue and reward. We develop a strong tendency to do things that rewards us first, and our brain recognises this aspect. Hence, when we practice this, it becomes more automatic than ever before.

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Emily Mauch