When to Consult a Foot and Ankle Specialist in Singapore

You probably do not pay much attention to your feet if you are a healthy individual. Healthy feet in good condition can withstand the most intense pressures and stresses active life can bring you. But that does not mean they are not prone to problems. If your feet get injured or you suddenly develop a foot condition, you need to turn to someone for help and guidance. Consult a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore.

A foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist, can treat your foot-related problems. A podiatrist is a doctor specialising in treating any conditions related to the feet. They differ from orthopaedists and those who may have overlap in medical treatments by treating everything from skin, nail, muscle, and bone issues.

You may not know when the right time to call a podiatrist is. Here are a few indicators.

You have foot pains

The most obvious indicator is when you are experiencing pains in the feet. Whether the cause is muscle injury or abnormal bone growth, a foot doctor in Singapore may be able to help you out.

Your toenails look unhealthy

Take a look at your toes because they can often tell you if there is something wrong with them. If your toenails are discoloured, crumbling, or flaky, ensure you consult a foot specialist to help you.

Your foot doesn’t look like it normally should

Your feet look a certain way to help you traverse all types of terrain. Having bunions or flat feet may be a cause for concern.

You have broken a bone in your feet

If you’ve broken a bone, the right specialist may be an orthopaedist, but a foot specialist in Singapore can also help you during the treatment and recovery stage.

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John Ewers