Why you should prefer giving formula milk to your baby

Why you should prefer giving formula milk to your baby

There is a lot of confusion, that whether you should give formula milk or breast milk to your baby and if you are a new mother then I am sure that you also have this question in your mind, so let me clear it out. Breast milk is really important but formula milk is equally important and one should definitely give formula milk to their babies. As we all know that there are many baby formula manufacturers but the best thing to do is ask for advice from your doctor, he or she will be able to give you the best suggestion, and then go for that. 

So, if you are a bit confused and want to know why you should prefer giving formula milk to your baby, then here are few options, have a look;


  • Jam Packed Nutrients;


Breast milk is healthy but it lacks a lot of nutrients and that can be only filled with baby formula manufacturers’ milk. They have extra vitamins, which are really important for your baby as it helps them grow and the great thing is that is has both; iron and vitamin D. So, when you are giving baby formula manufacturers milk to your baby, you do not have to worry about nutrients, as they are packed with it. 


  • Not Depending on Mother;


When your baby is on formula milk, then you do not have to wait for mother to feed the baby, anyone can do it and it is much easier when you are travelling or when you are in public and we all know what happens to a baby when they do not get milk within few minutes. So, it also gives some freedom to the new mother and we often forget this but they also need rest and adjust their body, so if the mother is sleeping or is in shower, anyone can feed the baby with the formula milk. 


  • No worries about the supply;


Usually mothers face this phase where at times the milk supply is not much and the baby is still hungry and they cannot do anything about it and it happens often with the breast milk but nothing like that can happen with formula milk. You can quickly make the milk and feed the baby without worrying about the slow supply. 

So, these are just the few reasons why you should prefer formula milk for your baby. It is also easy and convenient and with babies you need to be fast and go for something which is easy for both; baby and the mother. Just before giving baby formula manufacturers milk to your baby, make sure that you have checked it thoroughly and also show it to the doctors to have the best advice as these days there are hundreds or formula milk’s out there and at times you get confused, that which one you should go for. So, do your homework before deciding. 

Emily Mauch