Exploring unique dance-related traditions around the world

Exploring unique dance-related traditions around the world

Dancing is an important aspect of virtually all cultures around the world and it is often closely intertwined with local customs. Although dancing is a popular activity, especially at parties, people forget that dancing is in fact a complex art form. Traditional dances are not only about traditional music and characteristic dance moves that require a lot of training – they also have special attire that reflects the culture and history of the region. This adds to the visual spectacle of the performance but also gives this art form a unique cultural identity. So if you want to learn more about a culture, dance traditions are the perfect way to start.

Irish wigs

One of the most distinctive traditional dancing costumes is the Irish dancing outfit. When talking about the traditional Irish dancing costume, shoes are the first thing that springs to mind. There are hard and soft shoes that the dancer can choose from depending on the style of dance they want to perform, which is quite unique to Irish dancing. However, one element that truly stands out is the Irish dance wig. The use of wigs has roots in the Catholic tradition of wearing your best clothes for church on Sunday. Girls who went to competitions would wear their Sunday best and curl their hair the night before. Due to the discomfort and pain caused by sleeping with curls, wigs became a popular alternative around the 1980s. To this day, Irish dance wigs are a practical and comfortable alternative to natural curls that help keep the tradition alive and can be bought online at stores as https://corrsirishshoes.com/collections/irish-dance-wigs specializing in Irish dancing.

Hula skirts

Hula skirts are immediately recognizable as a symbol of Hawaiian culture. These traditional garments are worn during the Hawaiian hula dance, which was an important part of Hawaiian religious rituals and cultural practices in the past. What makes this garment really unique is the fact that is made from plant fibers or grasses woven together, which is why it’s known as the “grass skirt”. The purpose of the skirt is to beautifully accentuate the movements of the dancer. Not all hula dancers wear grass skirts today, but it’s still a beautiful tradition with a unique cultural identity. Besides, the image of the hula dancer in a grass skirt has captivated Western media for centuries, and it’s not fading away anytime soon.

Tango shoes

Tango is another traditional dance with distinctive attire. Traditionally, this dance is about intricate footwork, elegant movements, and intimate connection between the dancers. To facilitate the complementarity of movements, the types of shoes differ for men and women. Men wear leather shoes with soft heels which allows them to do complex movements while maintaining balance. Women, on the other hand, wear high-heeled shoes that are meant to support their body weight and emphasize their feminine movements. Historically, women wore high-heeled shoes to signal that they were dancers. In fact, it was thought that the higher the heels, the better the dancer. Shoes are still considered to be essential in tango, so if you want to be a good tango dancer, you need the right pair of shoes.

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