How To Analyze Natural Testosterone Booster For Men? Which Test Is Most Accurate?

How To Analyze Natural Testosterone Booster For Men? Which Test Is Most Accurate?

You might have heard a lot of talk about an ideal level of Testosterones. A lot of men are concerned about their level and is it enough. There are also a lot of contradictory opinions all over the internet. This contradiction is largely caused by the fact that there are multiple ways of testing hormones. But there isn’t any standardized method. All of the used methods are recognized as official, but when tests are taken using different methods, they cannot be compared. Here is how you can test your Natural testosterone booster for men accurately and dodge all the confusion.

How are testosterone levels measured?

There are three types of testosterone in your body. Those are albumin-bound testosterone, SHBG bound testosterone, and free testosterone. When a test is conducted in a medical lab or a local clinic, the lab analyzes the number of free testosterone picograms per milliliter and the total number of testosterone per picograms per milliliter. The task of measuring free T is not an easy one, so there can be some inaccuracies in the test. Hence, it is better to refer to the total testosterone count while studying the body by this test method. This is the basic test conducted everywhere. Understanding the inaccuracies of this test, there are different types of tests developed for checking testosterone levels.

Different types of testing testosterone levels:

  • RIA Direct: Routine testers most use this method. This method is not the most accurate, but it is fast and cheap. That makes it ideal for the people who are going to test regularly. Regular testers don’t usually need the most accurate test, as they intend to check if the level is in the right range or not.
  • Equilibrium Ultrafiltration Method: This is the most superior as well as accurate methods of all. Scientists and specialists use this test when an accurate number is required instead of a vague range. With accuracy, this test also demands more time for testing and trained technicians. Any regular lab can’t do this test; it requires expertise in analysis and testing. This test costs a bit more than other tests, but it also delivers on that price.
  • The Calculation Method: This test is a combination of analysis and calculations. The free testosterone count has calculated with the help of the total number of T. This test is not accurate but only helpful to get a range estimate of your testosterone levels. Getting this test done three times can lead to a more accurate result. Which increases its price and inconvenience?

Apart from this, the gold-standard test that most labs have is blood tests. It is accurate for the total T count. Each of these tests is suitable for different purposes, and you should pick the one that suits your needs.

John Ewers