What Are The Possible Reasons For Bad Breath?

What Are The Possible Reasons For Bad Breath?

Bad breath is something that everyone goes through, usually just, for example, after eating a garlic-laden meal in the finest restaurant in South Reno, after drinking alcohol, or after the first breath in the morning. The most common cause of bad breath is the buildup of bacteria and germs inside your mouth. These bad breaths can be directly linked to the oral cavity. In the case of malodor, it is also called physiological halitosis or transient halitosis.

However, this type of lousy odor breath is familiar; it is not harmful and can be treated rightly with proper maintenance of oral hygiene, although it can be a sign that your inner body is unwell or it can indicate problems. If you are also suffering from bad breath problems and seeking help, then you should visit a dentist in south reno for a detailed consultation.  

What leads to bad breath?

Here are some common oral problems:

  • Poor oral hygiene:

Unpleasant oral hygiene is the primary cause of bad breath and produces bacterial growth when oral care is skipped or is wrong. The presence of these substances is the leading cause of bad breath of mouth.  

  • Decaying food particles 

The remaining food particles might get stuck between teeth and gums into some parts of the mouth. Which certainly creates a favorable place to support the growth of bacteria. When these particles decay, they emit a terrible odor when they remain for a long time. These should be removed from the mouth with the help of brushing and flossing. 

  • Gum disease 

The possible reason is for the hidden or often neglected gum diseases. Sometimes, bad breath can be the result of infections or inflammation due to gum diseases. Through regular dental check-ups, these problems can be identified, and quick action can be taken.  

  • Dry mouth

Water helps to cleanse the mouth be the house for bacteria, and leftover food in the mouth can also contribute a lot to dehydrating the mouth, hence creating bad breath-related problems. Dehydration and not drinking enough water can be the reason for bad breath. 

What are some non-oral causes? 

Here are some non-oral causes for bad breath:

  • Diseases related to heart disease and respiratory problems.
  • Gastrointestinal pipe disorder.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Upper Respiratory tract infections, acid reflux, kidney failure, and diabetes. 
  • Intestinal flora imbalance.
  • Sulfur-containing drugs that are used medically.
  • Manopause. 
  • Disorder of the metabolic stage.
  • Intake of cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Intake of coffee, onion, and garlic too much.
  • Intake of prescribed drugs reduces the overall flow of saliva. 

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