What happens in Hot Stone massage therapy

What happens in Hot Stone massage therapy

Like every other massage that you may have heard of, hot stone massage is a massage that focuses on relieving soreness from the body and relaxing the tension in the muscles. The hot stone massage therapy has become recently famous about five to ten years ago and is a sensation across spas and therapeutic centres. However this therapy has deep and old origins. This therapy is connected to the ancient Mayan practices, But we can trace it’s true beginnings to India. The hot stone therapy massage dates can be traced back to Ayurveda, a very old Indian  Holistic healing tradition. The stones used are placed in hot water to warm up before being placed on your body.
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The stones are made up of volcanic basalt sourced from beaches of Mexico and Chile.  Your therapist would have heated about 48 and 56 stones of different sizes with 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in a specially designed water heater. The therapist will place ate stones inpage on the massage table in alignment with your spine while you lie down. There will be a linen cloth or towel between you and the stones.
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The therapist begins with massaging your face with oil of your choice while strategically placing the stones on different parts of your face. After applying oil to your legs one at a time the therapist will rub the size of your leg with the massage stone with pressure suiting to your needs. The arms will be massaged using medium stone and a warm stone is placed in your palm. After the arms are completed or ask you to turn over,  all the stones used till now are removed and the therapist will begin to  apply oil and massage your back paying particular attention to pressure points and strategically placing the hot stones. Afterwards, the back therapist will uncover legs and place massage stones  under the  buttock and back of the knee to draw out any remaining tenseness in the legs. Now the therapist will begin to massage the neck and Shoulders slowly working up to the scalp. Few therapists who are more involved in Indian prana and the seven Chakras will use the associated gemstone.

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Clare Louise