6 Myths about Eyelash Extensions and Facts that Debunk Them

6 Myths about Eyelash Extensions and Facts that Debunk Them

Different people stop themselves from getting eyelash extensions for different reasons. However, there are some misconceptions which are common among most people.

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Here are some common myths about lash extensions and facts to debunk them.

Myth 1: Eyelashes will Fall Out

Not because of lash extensions, eyelashes naturally fall out anyway. It’s not just realized because lashes are small and fine.

Lashes fall out every four to six weeks. However, after the application of lash extensions, their falling out is more noticeable because they are glued to long, thick lash extensions.

All in all, it’s a natural process and not because of lash extensions.

Myth 2: Your Lashes will Never Grow Again

The fact is that your lashes will grow again. Due to the lash shedding cycle, new natural lashes always grow in and therefore you get the “fills”.

If there weren’t new eyelashes growing back, there would be nothing to fill. Visit https://www.fancylash.net to know more about lash extensions.

This means that if lash extensions really stop the growth of your natural lashes, refills wouldn’t also be possible, because there should be a natural lash for the extension to glue to.

Myth 3: Natural Lashes Become Thinner/Shorter after Stopping Wearing Lash Extensions

The fact is that eyelash extensions don’t in any way affect the growth cycle of natural lashes whether you wear them or stop wearing them.

Several people ‘feel’ that their natural eyelashes have got shorter or thinner later; however, it’s just an optical illusion.

It’s because you become habituated to wake up with thicker, longer lashes, and then when you don’t wear extensions, you feel that your lashes have become shorter and thinner.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

Myth 4: You Should Take Breaks

Several people have a misconception that they should take periodic breaks from getting lash extensions so as to allow their natural lashes to “breathe”.

The thought that it’s not good to get lash extensions repeatedly because then your lashes cannot get room to breathe is simply a myth.

Your natural lashes are not aware that they have extensions applied to them and they go on shedding off normally and new natural lashes grow back.

However, if you want to take a break, you can. But you don’t need it to allow your natural lashes to breathe.

Myth 5: Application Takes Very Long

This is absolutely false. Yes, it can take very long if your lash technician has just started out or has no enough training or experience.

But a professional who specialises in eyelash extensions and expert like the one who does the best eyebrow shaping Sydney from Fancy Lash can perform the job within an hour.

Myth 6: Eyelash Extensions Hurt

If you feel so, ask someone who has undergone the process several times. She’d tell you that nothing during the process hurts.

There’s simply no pain involved in the application process of eyelash extensions and hence you don’t need to have any tolerance levels.

If you feel worried when tweezers are being used near your eyes, at the most you may feel ‘anxiety’ but pain is not at all a part of the process.

If any of these above myths are holding you back from getting lash extensions, understand their facts and enjoy wearing thick eyelashes.

John Ewers