6 Ways to stay self-motivated for regular workouts

6 Ways to stay self-motivated for regular workouts

It is commonly observed that people start their workout routine with great enthusiasm and determination. But, they have to start multiple times, as they lose interest and zeal after a few days. A routine that you felt would improve your health becomes troublesome and hurtful to your body. It is important to understand that these initial issues are natural and will occur every time you start. However, people often get bored and discouraged with these routines and give up. One way to keep your interest alive is to join team training in Melbourne where you workout with a team that encourages you to stay regular. No matter how hard it seems to be, you cannot draw the benefits of a workout without consistency. For that reason, you need to find ways to keep your morale high and follow the routine without a miss. Here are some tips that can help you motivate yourself to be regular and stay fit with your workout.


  • Keep your gears in the vicinity


Whenever you start a workout routine, try to get special clothes, shoes, and other necessary gears for it. If you do not want to spend on these, you can set aside clothes from your wardrobe for exercising. Keep these clothes in your vicinity, preferably near your bed so that you are encouraged to put them on and go for your routine. Your gears in front of your eyes are the constant reminder of the promise you made to yourself before starting the routine and serve as a motivation.


  • Take inspiration from a role model


Drawing inspiration from someone can be a great motivation. Choose a role model who is fit as you want to be and is dedicated to workout routines. You can find a role model in a celebrity, friend, your trainer, a colleague, a Youtuber, etc. It helps you strive to achieve your goal and stay focussed.


  • Set your goals in small segments


Avoid setting your goals too high. You need to understand that you cannot get a perfect body overnight. Every workout regime has a course on fitness. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to achieve an ideal body. Setting high goals can lead to disappointment as you are unlikely to achieve them. This can discourage you from continuing to workout. So, keep your goals small and attainable.


  • Look for a company


The concept of team training is showing a lot of promise in motivating people to follow their fitness routines. When you are working with friends that have similar goals and hurdles, you are more likely to draw energy from each other and stick to the routine. It increases the chances of success multiple times.


  • Encourage yourself with rewards


Rewards are always great motivators. Setting small goals and rewarding yourself can boost you up to continue working hard. For instance, you can set a goal of working out 4 days a week and reward yourself with a movie date. However, avoid food rewards as they can ruin the hard work you have done.


  • Have variety in your routines


Spice up your workout routine by including variety. If you are doing the same exercises daily, it can bore you and attempt you to leave in no time. Mix up your exercise, for example, doing cardio one day and weights the next day. You can also talk to your trainer to add a variety of exercises for one type of workout to make it fun.

Emily Mauch