Common myths related to Hair Transplant

Common myths related to Hair Transplant

It is seen that although hair transplant is a well-known method, people misunderstand it often. They get scared with the thought of a surgical process. To ease the worries you can consult Nova Medical Hair Transplant Toronto and even check out some below myths:

Myth # 1: Hair Transplant is painful

Hair Transplant is performed under local anesthesia. Hence, you do not feel any pain during surgery. It is completely safe and you do not find any discomfort. You can start your daily activities from the next day of the surgery.

Myth # 2 Only males can get a hair transplant

It is seen that around 40% of women suffer hair loss at some point in their lives. It may be temporary like during pregnancy.  However, certain women have naturally very thin hair or suffer from permanent hair loss. Hence they can take advantage of a hair transplant similar to men. Due to stigma related to female baldness, fewer women undergo a hair transplant.

Myth # 3 Hair Transplant looks fake

The time has gone when hair transplants looked fake. Now the treatment has advanced and one cannot distinguish it from the natural look. This is because it involves grafting the person’s hair to his or her head.

Myth # 4  Not suitable for elderly

As long as you have healthy donor hair, age does not matter. If you feel that a hair transplant is your need just go for the transplant.

Myth # 5  Hair Transplant is expensive

It is to be known that hair transplant involves one-time cost. It is a cost-effective treatment for hair loss or balding. Other hair loss treatment options require constant purchases which increases your cost. With a hair transplant, the expense is not so high if you look at in the long run.

Myth # 6 Avoid to wash hair after hair transplant:

Hair wash doesn’t affect the growth of newly grafted hair. It is better to clean the scalp which is treated to avoid infection.

Myth # 7 Hair Transplant results in the growth of new hair

We wished this was true. But, sadly it is not possible. Donor hair in hair transplant is taken to cover the bald area. Hence, there is no chance of new hair growth. The process involves moving hair around the scalp so that a balding area is given volume through additional hair. Eventually, it is matched with the scalp where the hair is abundant.

Myth # 8: Hair Transplant benefits anyone

Only a hair loss specialist can tell you whether you should opt for hair transplant.  Proper analysis and inspection of your scalp and hair are done to decide regarding the surgery. Also, hair loss surgeons need to check if the person has enough hair density to perform hair transplant process.

Clare Louise