How to prepare for Botox?

How to prepare for Botox?

In the past few years, Botox has become excessively popular and several factors have contributed towards it. Botox plays an important role in lowering the face wrinkles. Although a lot of people are skeptical about it, Botox can act as an efficient treatment for various skin issues such as facial wrinkles, uncontrollable blinking, muscles and neck spasms, migraines and more.

Botox is usually injected in the body, thereby making it one of the most simple procedures. Since Botox has become so popular in the past few years, a lot of people are opting for it. If you want to get Botox done, you should know that you should prepare yourself for it.

When should you not get a Botox? 

Even though Botox sounds like a simple relative procedure, if it is not taken care of properly, it can prove to be extremely dangerous. There are certain conditions under which you should not be getting Botox. Some of the most prominent ones include

  • Suffering from Botox allergy
  • Being infected in the injection site
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Breathing and bleeding issues
  • Recent surgery

Do you have any medications?

Since Botox is done by medical professionals, you should ensure consulting your professional. If you have any medicines and supplements, you should prefer telling about it to your doctor. Moreover, this is usually because the medicines may sometimes have negative impact on Botox. Some of the prominent medicines you should be telling your doctor about include blood thinners, aspirin, vitamin E, ginseng, Ibuprofen, Allergy medicines, and sleeping pills.

Give up on cigarettes 

If you’re beginning with your Botox treatment, you should ensure to stop smoking cigarettes. However, if you do not stop that it can increase the risk of injection and also prevent healing. If you have been smoking you should be informed about it to your doctor. It is better to avoid cigarettes as long as you undergo the treatment.

Cleanse your skin

Botox treatment requires your skin to be free from dirt, moisturizers, and cosmetics. Hence, before you undergo the treatment you should ensure to cleanse your face thoroughly. A combination of mild soap and warm water can be of great help in cleansing your face thoroughly. After rinsing the face you should pat it with a soft, dry towel.

Experts at Clinique Anti Aging will ensure to take proper care that you are thoroughly prepared for the treatment. The healing may take some time and hence you should be patient with it.

Paul Petersen