Smart Use of the Liquid Turmeric for Better Health

Smart Use of the Liquid Turmeric for Better Health

Thanks to its regenerating, protective and soothing properties, turmeric rhizome is known to relieve many symptoms that plague life, hamper mobility, disrupt healthy digestion and weaken the mind.

Digesting well requires a lot of effort on the body and the immune system is much stressed. First there is the oral cavity then the stomach and its gastric juices, then the liver and the gall bladder, the pancreas and finally the intestine and its billions of bacteria which must work in harmony. All the natural substances which can facilitate and support the digestive processes allow a better action of the natural defenses in other parts of the organism. Presently the use of the turmeric liquid products has also increased.

Turmeric, called Indian saffron or Bourbon saffron, has always been known and used by Ayurvedic medicine, thanks to its richness in curcuminoids, in particular curcumin which gives it its beautiful golden yellow color. Turmeric is part of the composition of many Indian curries.

Native to India, this plant thrives in tropical countries. Turmeric liquid, used in Ayurvedic medicine, is extracted from its underground part, the rhizome. Turmeric root is now recognized in all pharmacopoeias.

Antiseptic, digestive stimulant

The curcumin allows regulation of gastric acid medium, digestion and intestinal flora. Tested in numerous studies, turmeric does not completely eliminate helicobacter or heartburn but it can prevent and relieve certain stomach problems, belching and bloating (dyspepsia). It is a digestive activator. To be taken as a treatment of 10 to 20 days, renewable the following month or in occasional doses of a few days. You can also make use of the liquid turmeric there.

Powerful antioxidant, it improves the work of the liver

The turmeric promotes drainage of waste by stimulating hepatic activity, supporting the degradation and elimination of fat. In addition, a powerful antioxidant, it protects the liver from certain toxins, protects hepatocytes and activates bile flow. To be taken as a 20-day cure, renewable the following month, in seasonal, preventive cures or in support of weight or cholesterol regulation cure.

Anti-inflammatory, it relieves and facilitates mobility, soothes irritated intestines

This is perhaps the most well-known property today, used in the event of joint problems, but also irritable bowel syndrome and certain inflammatory pains. In this case, it is associated with ginger root, pepper (in very small quantities in case of sensitivity) and sometimes with the root of harpagophytum. To be taken as a 3-week cure, to be repeated once or more after a week of stopping, in the form of powder titrated in curcumin or titrated liquid extract.

Soothing the nervous system, it is useful against depression

Turmeric root contains powerful antioxidants that can support and strengthen the nervous system. It is then used, like St. John’s Wort or saffron, to fight depression and black thoughts. It is found in this case in the form of specific extracts, often patented. To be taken as a 2-month treatment, renewable as needed.

Ruth Chacon