What’s New in Male Enhancements

What’s New in Male Enhancements

Male enhancement therapy is nothing new but more men than ever are realising there is nothing to be embarrassed about and are seeking medical help. The male enhancement we are talking about is not one of those strange contraptions which claim to make the penis bigger – this is more performance-based to help those suffering from such conditions as erectile dysfunction. It can take a lot of guts to talk to your doctor about such a sensitive issue but you really shouldn’t be ashamed as it’s incredibly common and, thankfully, pretty easy to treat these days. A decade ago the latest treatments would have been viewed as something from a science fiction movie. But, such are the advancements that have been made in male enhancement therapies they are now widely available and delivering great results.

Traditional Treatments

There are few people who haven’t heard of Viagra over the past decade or two. Even if you have never seen it, you know what it’s for. This diamond-shaped, blue pill has helped thousands, if not millions, of men across the globe enjoy an active sex life when they thought those days were long gone. There are other pills on the market which work in similar ways, and there is even one that can be used daily to produce erections on demand, so to speak. While there is still a place for these meds on the market, the 21st-century treatments for erectile dysfunction are way more advanced.

Wave Therapy

This is the very latest male enhancement therapy on the market and it’s causing quite a commotion. Pulse or sound waves are used to increase the blood flow to the penis, as without the blood flowing you cannot get an erection. It works by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, so is actually dealing with the problem itself rather than offering a temporary respite as the pills do. Drug-free, surgery-free and with incredible results in the intensive trials it has undergone, this really is a Godsend for any man who doesn’t want to keep popping pills in order to satisfy his partner.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Commonly known as PRP, platelet-rich plasma therapy is a well-known treatment for the repair and subsequent healing of damaged joints. Using plasma harvested from your own blood, this non-surgical, progressive therapy works with your own body to naturally trigger and thus accelerate the repair of damaged tissue. Originally developed as an alternative to surgery, you are using a product of your own body to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair. As with many treatments, it can be discovered quite accidentally that they are also suitable for treating other ailments. PRP is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction and while it can work on its own, when used in combination with the wave therapy above it can produce results which patients have described as “spectacular”. There will be a clinic near you offering these latest treatments and by giving them a call you have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.


John Ewers