5 Ways To Calm Your Kids When Visiting Pediatric Dentist in Singapore

5 Ways To Calm Your Kids When Visiting Pediatric Dentist in Singapore

Children can form unnecessary fear towards dentists because they’re kids. They have an imaginative mind and may think of scary scenarios in their heads. Some may throw tantrums, cry, or feel anxious, and as a parent, your responsibility is to calm them when visiting a pediatric dentist in Singapore. Of course, you must be patient when going to the dentist as the kids will adjust to this new environment. Don’t invalidate their feelings, as it may worsen their inner thoughts.

The key here is to provide 100% support when going to the dentist. Tell them about the benefits of regular pediatric dentist visits and how they can help them as they grow older. As they learn the purpose of visiting a dentist, they can feel more relaxed and confident about their decision.

5 Ways To Calm Your Kids When Visiting Pediatric Dentist in Singapore

As a parent, you know that kids will test your patience and sometimes, you may lose your temper. However, give them slacks because they’re just kids, and they may act irrationally. Since you’re older, you know how to handle such situations, so follow these five ways to calm your kids when visiting a pediatric dentist in Singapore.

There are reasons why children fear dentists: painful memory, intimidating instruments, inadequate preparation, and stereotypes. Now, follow these tips below to help their dental anxiety relax.

1. Bring A Comforting Item

When going to a dental clinic for scaling and polishing  treatment, you can allow your kid to bring a comforting item. Perhaps, it can be a teddy bear, books, random household items, or their phones. This way, they can find ways to calm their anxiety when visiting a dentist. Apart from this, let them pick the items that will make them feel comfortable.

2. Use Positive Words

Unfortunately, some parents invalidate their children’s feelings and may say hurtful things. Instead of saying negative statements, try to use positive words like you can do it, it will be okay, or I’ll always support you. With this, your children will be calmer and avoid feeling more anxious when going to a clinic for cleaning or getting braces like invisible braces in Singapore.

3. Have An Adequate Preparation

Before the big day, prepare your children for the dental visit. Let them know the date, time, and what would happen. Will they undergo a dental implant in Singapore or a simple cleaning procedure? In doing so, you can prepare their minds in advance and gain more trust. Days or weeks before the visit, prepare your children for the consultation.

4. Give Compliments

Step by step, you can give compliments to know they are doing fine. Tell them that they are brave enough to proceed with the treatments. It will encourage them to move forward with the treatment and avoid feeling nervous towards the results of the clear aligners application in Singapore.

5. Give Rewards

After visiting the pediatric dentist in Singapore, you can also give rewards like food, toys, or any of their requests. In doing so, the children will know their hard work has paid off and that you appreciate their efforts. As a parent, it’s your job to make them feel appreciated.

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